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Hobby Link International

Here at Hobby Link International, we are always looking to post articles. Not only ours but yours too! We want you to be a part of the sites and not just someone reading the articles and moving on. HLI is all about community and sharing the work of our fellow hobbyists. So if you ever wondered how to submit an article to HLI we are going to tell you.

We have four distinct types of articles we are looking for on HLI. These articles will be featured on either SciFiantasy or Model Builder International. We always credit all authors and share their work so it can be seen by the whole community. The four types of articles we post on our sites are News, Photo Features, Reviews, and Step By Step articles. We will now break down all four types of articles and what we are looking for. Please read all the way to the bottom for contact information.


News articles are for new releases of kits, aftermarket, paint, tools, and other related hobby topics. The news could also be of information about a new store opening up or unfortunately a store closing down, sales, or other events in the community. If you are a business reading this we would love to hear from you too so we can post any important information you may have. This is what we will need from anyone with news information.

  • A link or written article about the information that is pertaining to the hobby.
  • Pictures if available.
  • URL of the information so we can add that for further information purposes.
  • Make sure it is real news and not just hearsay.

News is typically the easiest article to help us populate SciFiantasy and Modelbuilderinternational with.

Photo Features

Photo Features are your completed builds that you have pictures of and would like to publish on either SciFiantasy or Model Builder International. Here is what we will be looking for, for a photo feature article.

  • Clear photos with a clear background (no clutter to show off your build)
  • Photos should be at least 800 x 800. Bigger is fine as we can resize them. Smaller may not show off your hard work.
  • A short write up of your build or diorama or other submissions. Such as kit, what your diorama is about or other information you would like to add.


Reviews are always welcome of new or old kits, pe, paint or other hobby related products. The main thing we are looking for in reviews is total honesty. We do not want articles that sugar coat a product unless it is that good. We also do not want a bash fest on products either. Just an honest review of what you see in the kit or what you saw while building it or using a certain product. If there are negatives to something you are reviewing this will not only help your fellow modeler but we can pass these inaccuracies or defects in products to the manufacturers in hopes of corrections being made. Here is what we will be looking for in review articles.

  • Honesty, Honesty, Honesty especially if the product was given to you by a company to review.
  • Clear photos of the product you are reviewing. The good and bad we want to see it all.
  • A clear and detailed write up of the pros and cons of the product you are reviewing.
  • If you have a video besides a written review please send us the link also.
  • The URL to the product you are reviewing.

Step By Step

Step By Step or SBS articles are the most detailed articles of a build and the process you took from start to finish. An SBS can be about building a kit, how to use a certain tool, a painting technique, or other information on how you went from point a to point z. When writing an SBS article it is critical to name your pictures specifically like this so we place them in the article correctly. You should label your photos starting with 001, 002, and once you get to double digits they should look like this 010, 011, 012 and so forth.

Here is a basic example of what we would be looking for in an SBS article.

As I was working on the Bandai 1:72 scale X-Wing Fighter I came across a very big gap across the main you fuselage  (pictures 001, 002, 003). I corrected this by filling the gap with a small amount of bondo that I had thinned out with a small amount of lacquer thinner (pictures 004, 005, 006).

How we should you in the above paragraph helps us to keep your photos in the right place when we are adding it to either SciFiantasy or Model Builder International. Here is what we will need for an SBS article.

  • Progress photos at least 800 x 800. Your progress photos can be on the bench but it is preferred that they have a clear background so the readers can see what you are talking about.
  • A clearly written article about the steps you took to reach your final goal. If it is canopy masking explain how you prepped the canopy, how you masked it, and how you painted it.
  • URL’s to any aftermarket or other important items so the reader can use what you did if they wish.
  • Finished photos at least 800 x 800. These should be on a clear background as you have worked very hard to get to this point. You can submit as many photos of your finished product as you like.
  • Any other important information you may feel is necessary for the reader.

We thank you for wanting to participate at HLI. All authors are credited for their work and no one’s work will be published without the author’s permission. So you may not submit anyone’s work other than your own.

You can send your completed articles in a text file or a word document. We know email services such as Google cannot handle a large number of photos. We have a Dropbox account set up so you will be able to easily transfer your files to us.

If you are a business and would like to contact us about posting new releases, news or any other information please email us at hobbylinkinternational@gmail.com or on any of the home pages just fill out the contact form.

Thank you all and we hope to be posting and sharing a lot of your work in the near future!


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