This second book in the “Airframe Detail” series follows the same format as the first book on the Bv 141. We’ll be adding a review of the Bv 141 book soon by the way.

The book is A4/letter size, softcover, printed on good quality glossy paper. After an introduction to book is broken down into three sections:

  1. Technical description new line
  2. Camouflaging markings line
  3. Building adorning a 17 Z

The introduction covers a brief history of the aircraft over 13 pages of text, images and photographs. It starts with a request from Lufthansa in 1933 for a high-speed mail plane and ends with the last sorties of the aircraft after the war in Finish service. It briefly covers the development of the earlier models such as the E, F, M and P series. This also mentions the Yugoslavian exports of these earlier versions. Next it goes into a little detail about each of the individual variants of the Do 17Z before covering the wartime service of the type. The Do 17Z was only really in front-line service with Luftwaffe until 1941, after that it was used mainly by Finnish and Croatian units. It gives quite a bit of detail about the type service in the Finnish Air Force along with some photographs.

The first section,the technical description, is broken down into nine parts, with several of those parts broken down even further over approximately 36 pages. This section contains many photographs and drawings which appear to have been taken from contemporary service manuals. There are also many photographs showing up close details of the type in service. As this section moves from the cockpit through the fuselage and wings to the tail, covering everything in between, you get a comprehensive picture of exactly how the aircraft was put together and fitted out. With the details in this section you could probably scratch build almost any part of the aircraft if you have the necessary skills.

The second section covers the camouflage and markings of the type over roughly 18 pages. There are many photographs of complete aircraft in this section showing the usual camouflage scheme along with images of variations to that scheme used in various operations. There is a very nice page showing 20 different squadron badges that were applied to aircraft. Aircraft used by Finland, with their winter camouflage, are also shown. This section ends with six pages of colour profiles.

Finally, the third section, goes through the building of an Airfix 1/72 Do 17Z. Over seven pages of text and photographs the aircraft is very skilfully built with a good attention to detail, weathering and a few little extra details.

At the end of the book of 4 appendices that list:

  • available kits
  • accessories and masks
  • avaliable decals
  • bibliography.

This book is highly recommended if you have a Do17Z in your stash or plan on getting one of the upcoming ICM 1/48 kits that have been announced. It would also be of value to anyone with an interest in the Luftwaffe and knowing more technical details about this aircraft type.

The book can be bought from Valiant Wings Publishing.

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