The M1000 is the trailer used in conjunction with the M1070 Truck Tractor build by Oshkosh Truck Company.  The trailer has 40 Michelin Radial 215x75R17.5 tubeless wheels to distribute the 70+ ton weight of the M1A1 Abrams and other heavy equipment.  The trailer features automatically steerable axles, a hydraulic load levelling suspension and in conjunction with the 8×8 M1070 truck tractor has good off road capabilities even under a heavy load.

This set includes 40 wheels for the trailer and 2 spares for a total of 42.  The wheels are packaged 8 wheels per zip lock bag with two spares in a small zip lock.  They are protected with bubble wrap and packed into a strong cardboard box with a label glued to the top and one side.  The wheels are cast using a light cream colored resin with now bubbles or other blemishes in my review sample.  There is a small casting block which must be removed.  You will want to have the spot where the block was removed on the bottom touching the ground to hide the filled in tread groove and to have the slight wheel bulge at the bottom.   The castings are very nice with deep and crisp tread patterns and the Michelin logo and tire size nomenclature embossed into the sidewalls with a very slight almost imperceptible bulge at the base.

This set is a great replacement for the kit rubber tires.  The resin will take and hold paint better than the rubber.  Casting block removal will take some time as there are 42 wheels after all.  ET Model has given us another great addition to the complete line of detail upgrades for the Hobby Boss M1070 and M1000 HET kit and is highly recommended.

Review sample graciously provided by ET Model

ET Model is based in Shanghai China and produces aftermarket photo etch and resin detail upgrade sets.

Scott Espin – Model Builder International –

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