U-Boot im Focus 14

As always, the issue was packed very well; wrapped in paper and then inside a cardboard envelope. The magazine is printed on 55 high-quality glossy pages and all the text is in both German and English and the quality of the English translation is excellent. The photographs are all good quality and never before published.

The magazine starts as usual with an editorial from the editor. The next item, as usual, is the reader’s forum, where additional information is published for previous issues.

Next we get into the content of the magazine itself. The subjects of the various topics are

  • Type II B boats
  • Type VII C boats
  • Type IX B + C boats
  • Conning Towers. Segmented Camouflage.
  • Colour Photos. The coastline.
  • Pennants. Aircraft shot down in the Bay of Biscay.
  • Boat in Focus. U-481 in the eastern Baltic
  • Documents. Depth Control master Diploma
  • Fates. Complaints to the Luftwaffe
  • Photos with a story. Collision of U-322 and U-1009
  • Scenery. Kiel Harbour.
  • Unusual. Turkish Fez hats.

Another great bunch of previously unseen photos, with excellent commentaries.

If you’re interested in the Kriegsmarine at all, then this magazine is of special interest to you and highly recommended.

Subscriptions available here.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

Paul Tosney

Paul has been with Model Builder International since almost the beginning. He started building models as a boy, and took a hiatus, but started building again a few years ago. He builds pretty much anything, but mostly WW2, with a smattering of modern and the occasional SciFi model.


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