Read & Reviewed: Panther: External Appearance & Design Changes

Only 2000 copies of this 286 page book will be published worldwide making the Panther Book a “must have” for lovers of history. Authors Roddy Macdougall and Martin Block, with the assistance of Panzer Tracks team bring the most comprehensive study of the formidable Panther tank to date. More than ten years of preparation have gone into this book; There are interviews with some of the personnel involved in the development and manufacture of the Panther tank. This is the first book about the Panther tank that includes detailed explanations for each of the assembly plants including specifications, Zimmerit application methods and full colour illustrations of the camouflage painting patterns along with detailed perspective drawings of the specific features. There are numerous of photographs with a significant number of them published for the first time! This isn’t simply just another book, this is the standard by which all books about the Panther tank will be compared, don’t miss out – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

This Panther book by Roddy MacDougall and Martin Block, created with assistance from the Panzer Tracts team, is the most comprehensive study on the Panther tank to date: Panther: External Appearance & Design Changes. The product of over 10 years of research and interviews, this is the first book on the Panther to include detailed explanations of factory-specific details such as ‘Zimmerit’ application and camouflage patterns, reproduced in full colour. Detailed perspective drawings are used throughout to describe the production timeline of this iconic vehicle, and hundreds of photographs, many published for the first time, are reproduced in high resolution.

286 pages, 200+ black and white photos, loads of colour profiles and masses of Panther information. Get your copy now because when they’re gone they’re gone.

Book Data
Authors: Roddy MacDougall & Martin Block
Language: English
No of Photos: 200+, colour profiles, line drawings
No of Pages: 286
Physical: Hardcover, 290x210mm, landscape

An excellent book giving lots of up close and personal photos of the various models and variations of the Panther.

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