Platz 1/72 SU-27 PE & Masks

As you hopefully read in our review, and saw in the video, the Platz 1/72 SU-27 is a really nice kit. However, the the cockpit instrumentation is done with decals and there’s always some scope to increase the detail level of any kit. With that in mind Platz have teamed up with Eduard to release a couple of their aftermarket sets under their own name.

These sets are sold by Eduard as:

  • Eduard – Nr. 73509 PE set
  • Eduard – Nr. Cx392 Masks

What Platz have done though is separate the 2 PE frets in the Eduard set into seperate sets so you can buy the interior and exterior frets separately. From Platz the 3 items are:

  • M72-37 Interior PE
  • M72-38 Exterior PE
  • MS72-2 Masks

The 3 sets are in packaging very similar to what you expect from Eduard. Each resealable bag contains the instructions, a card stiffener to protect the contents and the PE sheet or masks.

The masks cover the wheel hubs for the landing gear and the edges of the canopy. They’re made from the usual Eduard kabuki tape and will adhere very nicely when pressed down and they usually leave no residue when removed and provide a good paint barrier. I sometimes put a line of clear varnish over the edge to make sure when I’m using masks over a rough surface.

The interior PE fret is pre-painted and mostly covers the cockpit with various instrument panels, side consoles, canopy and a lot of parts for the ejector seat. There are also a few pieces outside the cockpit such as aerials underneath the nose and on a tail. The final part is a couple of tie down rings on the main undercarriage legs.

The exterior PE fret is not painted, not does it need to be really. This set is a little larger than the internal set and adds more detail to the tails and canopy as well as undercarriage bays and legs. There’s also a series of aerials on the wings and on top of the fuselage as well as on the weapons and the pylons.

This is a very simple way to add more detail to your Platz 1/72 SU-27.

Many thanks to Platz for sending the kit along for review.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

Paul Tosney

Paul has been with Model Builder International since almost the beginning. He started building models as a boy, and took a hiatus, but started building again a few years ago. He builds pretty much anything, but mostly WW2, with a smattering of modern and the occasional SciFi model.


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