Platz 1/72 Mig-15UTI

The MiG-15UTI is the 2 seat trainer version of the Mig-15 and remains in service with the Korean People’s Army Air Force as an advanced trainer.

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 was a jet fighter aircraft developed by Mikoyan-Gurevich for the Soviet Union. The MiG-15 was one of the first successful jet fighters to incorporate swept wings to achieve high transonic speeds. In combat over Korea, it outclassed straight-winged jet day fighters, which were largely relegated to ground-attack roles, and was quickly countered by the similar American swept-wing North American F-86 Sabre. The MiG-15 is often mentioned, along with the F-86 Sabre, as the best fighter aircraft of the Korean War. The MiG-15 is believed to have been one of the most produced jet aircraft; in excess of 12,000 were manufactured Licensed foreign production may have raised the production total to over 18,000.

There’s been many releases of the Mig-15 and a few of the Mig-15UTI 2 seat trainer. The most recent of these was by Eduard and it is commonly regarded as the best Mig-15 available. This kit contains Eduards sprues with some extras from Platz.

The kit comes in a sturdy top opening box and inside are one bag of sprues with multiple bags inside it, a decal sheet and 4 pages of instructions on glossy paper and a set of full colour painting and decal instructions. The kit contains:

  • 86 plastic parts on 3 sprues (14 not used)
  • 11 clear parts on one sprue (2 not used)

The instructions are very clearly laid out on nice big diagrams. There are 10 distinct steps, although they’re not numbered, but there are arrows pointing out the flow of the build.

  1. Step 1 builds the cockpit and interior of the aircraft and goes as far as getting the 2 fuselage halves together in 5 sub-steps. The cockpit sidewalls are contoured and also nicely detailed. The nose weights are shaped to fit in recesses in the interior around the front of the aircraft. Remember this aircraft has a nose intake so they have to be a bit creative to find places to fit the nose weights.
  2. Step 2 simply fits the 2 wing halves together/
  3. Step 3 fits the wings to the fuselage along with the nose cone and some smaller pieces around the cockpit exterior.
  4. Step 4 fits the under-wing tanks together and you have to decide which decal version you’re going to build, Finish or Polish.
  5. Step 5 builds the undercarriage legs with wheels. You have 2 types of wheels to choose from.
  6.  At this stage there’s some Japanese text which I’m pretty sure says to do the painting at this step.
  7.  This step fits the main undercarriage and doors.
  8. Next we fit the nose undercarriage.
  9. now we fit the canopy in either the open or closed position.
  10. Finally we fit the under-wing tanks from step 4, if desired, along with a few smaller parts that would probably get knocked off if fitted earlier.

The plastic itself is finely detailed with small attachment points and I didn’t see any ejector pin marks in awkward places. The cockpit has raised details that wil look good when painted. You can also use the photo etch that is available for this kit. The PE sets for this aircraft offered by Platz will take this kit to the next level and it was pretty good to start with.

There are actually 7 decal options. There 2 Polish options from 1988 and 5 Finnish options from 1960 and 1963. The decals are done by Cartograph and are, as always, excellent.

  • Finnish MU-1, MU-2, MU-3, MU-4 from 1960 and MU-3 from 1963 – all natural metal finish.
  • Polish red 018 on a white aircraft
  • Polish red 604 on a natural finish aircraft

The painting instructions list the colours in Mr. Color and Model Master. Colours are called out through the build as needed.

This kit is available from Platz’s website for about $27.00.

Overall this is a very nice kit and is definitely the best on the market. Platz’s addition of the nose weights makes life easy when working out how to keep the nose wheel on the ground. If you want a Mig-15UTI this is the one to go for.

Many thanks to Platz for sending the kit along for review.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

Paul Tosney

Paul has been with Model Builder International since almost the beginning. He started building models as a boy, and took a hiatus, but started building again a few years ago. He builds pretty much anything, but mostly WW2, with a smattering of modern and the occasional SciFi model.


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