I must admit that initially I was wondering about this book and it’s value to me, and other modellers, who don’t do wargaming. In the introduction it mentions a couple of games that the book is talking about, and those came from Flames of War (15mm) and Bolt Action (28mm). After a quick bit of digging around I see that these equate to 1/107 and 1/58 respectively. So this book easily covers everything from 1/107 to 1/58 and everything in between, including 1/72, and having read the book it is probably good for things outside of those scales too.

The book contains 96 pages and is broadly arranged into 3 areas.

  • Introduction to Materials
  • The Easy Way
  • The Advanced Way

The Introduction to Materials is  a quick introduction on:

  • pigments
  • acrylics
  • airbrush
  • enamels (paints and weathering products)

This section goes over what each of these products are, what they will do for you and how to use them.

The rest of the book contains 10 painting and weathering guides, the first 3 are described as ‘The Easy Way’, with the remaining 7 as ‘The Advanced Way’. However, if you read all 10 guides you will see that it is actually a gradual progression from the first guide all the way through to the last, with each adding a little bit more to the previous. The first guide is 3 pages, while the last is 8 pages, and the others fall in between these 2 extremes.

The guides themselves are really straightforward and simple to use and nicely described and photographed. The number of steps in each guide increases from the Early Sherman of the first guide to the Tiger 1 of the last. The steps in the Early Sherman guide are:

  1. priming
  2. olive drab base
  3. lighter base
  4. tan camouflage
  5. wash
  6. cleaning the wash
  7. grime
  8. blending
  9. dust
  10. thinner
  11. drying
  12. remove excess dust

The final guide has 24 steps and the others are somewhere between the 2, so as you can see even the first guide is going to give you pretty good results. Each step in the guide shows you a photograph of the process, the tools used and a short text description of what to do and how to do it.

Overall this book gives simple step by step instructions to give you impressive results on your smaller scale models. In fact I’m pretty sure you could use these same guides to produce 1/48 and 1/35 models that looked good and would give you a good base for further improvement.

If you build in any of the smaller scales then this book is very highly recommended.
If you build in larger scales then this book would also be a great place to start learning how to weather your models.

Many thanks to AMMO for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International – www.modelbuilderinternational.com 

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