Badger’s new airbrush – the Xtreme Patriot 105.

We have not re-invented the airbrush, but suffice it to say we’re most certainly raising the bar of airbrush function, performance, and versatility. We believe our new airbrush represents a level of airbrush excellence never before reached. In the words of one of the artists consulted with in our designing of this new airbrush (after his initial testing session): “Using this airbrush is what it’d be like driving a luxury muscle sports car, if such a thing exists. It does everything. It evens sprays white really well, smoothly! I’ve never had an airbrush spray white really well for a long session like this airbrush did. No other airbrush does that.”

So what’s new and different about the Xtreme Patriot 105? The easier question is besides its being a dual action, internal mix, gravity feed airbrush – what isn’t new? Nonetheless here are some details on the new Xtreme Patriot 105 airbrush:

  • ~ New High Roller Trigger design that is .25” taller than other airbrush triggers. This design allows much less effort in the movement of the trigger, and much greater response as the artist “rolls” the trigger rather than pulling it.
  • ~ New Accuracote finish technology gives the airbrush a slique gun metal look. We call it Dark Ice. But more importantly its Teflon-like characteristics make it much easier to clean – especially down in the airbrush’s color cup.
  • ~ New Precision Air Control (PAC) dial allows the artists to reduce and increase the air flow to the airbrush nozzle causing a moderation in the airbrush’s atomization to produce tight crisp spray patterns or, often desired, “erratic” spatter and scatter dot patterns.
  • ~ The Xtreme Patriot has quick-pick Torpedo Tip nozzle design making it simpler than ever for artists to access the needle/paint tip point to remove tip dry – if it ever even occurs, and that’s a big if!

All the foregoing useful new features of the Xtreme Patriot 105 aside, perhaps the most exciting thing about this new airbrush may be the design and performance versatility of its needle/nozzle……

  • ~ The Xtreme Patriot has a stainless steel needle with an elongated linear air flow design, which enables microscopic atomization (micro-dots). But it also has a reasonably robust .3 nozzle tip that enables incredibly smooth spraying of even the most difficult of media color, WHITE! Whether acrylic, enamel, lacquer, urethane – it doesn’t matter – this airbrush sprays white better, smoother, and easier than any other airbrush! And any airbrush artist can tell you there is nothing more difficult to spray with an airbrush than white – especially in detail applications. The finer elongated linear air flow angle of the Xtreme’s needle in concert with the Xtreme’s .3 aperture nozzle facilitate what maybe the most versatile spray pattern range of any airbrush on the market. The produced micro-dots, resulting from the elongated linear airflow angle, coupled with the “robust” media friendly .3 nozzle aperture allow the Xtreme Patriot 105 to produce legitimate hair line patterns to dense 2½” wide spray patterns. This means artists, whether needing micro-detail or general coverage, may now be able to do both proficiently with just one airbrush. The Xtreme Patriot 105 is more than likely to meet their need as well as, if not better than, switching between a micro-detail and general purpose airbrush. Almost any capable artists will tell you that’d be amazing, and enormously time saving.

We can’t say anymore on this new airbrush other than you really need to try one to believe it. It is truly an amazing airbrush! And, in keeping with our vision of “always making airbrushes better”, Badger Air-Brush Co. is Xtremely pleased to bring an airbrush of such incredible performance capability to airbrush artists. Whether you’re the most accomplished custom painter, a museum quality fine scale model artist, a world champion taxidermist, or an aspiring artist – seeking an airbrush that will enable airbrushing success as you learn the craft of airbrushing (and long after) – we believe you will find the Xtreme Patriot 105 to be your airbrush of choice pretty much as soon as you start using it.

If you truly want to know what using the most advanced and versatile airbrush is like, below is a listing of some the online sellers from whom you can currently purchase the Xtreme Patriot 105.

As always Badger Air-Brush Co. thanks you for your confidence in and usage of our American Made Airbrush Excellence products. We welcome your contacting us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this or any other Badger Air-Brush Co. matters. And we wish you Happy Airbrushing!

Take Air,
Ken Schlotfeldt
President and C.E.O.
(direct personal email address:

List of current Xtreme Patriot 105 online sellers:

  • Amazon
  • Black Heart Enterprises
  • Coast Airbrush
  • Dixie Art & Airbrush
  • Falcon Hobby Supply
  • Genesis – Chicago Airbrush Supply
  • HobbyLinc
  • Horizon Hobby
  • MerriArtist
  • Performance Products Warehouse
  • Red Rocket Hobby Shop
  • Squadron
  • Tower Hobbies
  • Vortex Hobbies
  • Wyn-Wyn, Inc./


  • ASIA
  • AUSTRALIA The Combat Company
  • CANADA Maple Airbrush Supplies Strike Force Hobbies
  • GERMANY RafaelWunsch International Trade – EUROPE
  • UNITED KINGDOM Barwell UK Airbrush Supplies – UK/EUROPE
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