Modelcollect 1/72 Patriot PAC-3 Tractor & Launcher

The Patriot system is modular and highly mobile. A battery-sized element can be installed in less than 1 hour. All components, consisting of the fire control section (radar set, engagement control station, antenna mast group, electric power plant) and launchers, are truck- or trailer-mounted. The radar set and launchers (with missiles) are mounted on M860 semi-trailers, which are towed by Oshkosh M983 HEMTTs.

This is the only kit in this scale that combines both the patriot launcher and tractor in the same box. In fact this boxing is a collaboration using the tractor from Modelcollect and the patriot launch trailer from Aoshima. The tractor was previously used in Modelcollect’s Pershing II kit and Aoshima released the launcher as a stand alone kit. It looks as though Aoshima have also released this kit with a part number 09792.

The kit arrives in a sturdy top opening box. In fact I really like the boxes that model collect use as they are very sturdy and made from a corrugated material and will stand up well to the rigours of going through the postal system. Inside the box, as you can see in the video, everything is backed. The sprues are all in green plastic but two of the bags come from Aoshima and two are from Modelcollect. The clear sprues are double bagged with each screw inside its own bag and both sprues plus the decor is placed inside another bag.

The number of parts is:

  • 257 plastic parts on 10 sprues
  • 34 clear parts on 2 sprues (not all used)
  • One small decal sheet
  • One length of vinyl tubing
  • 4 poly caps

The instruction booklet is an 18 page booklet printed on glossy paper. The build instructions black-and-white but the paint guides are in colour. The booklet starts with the usual introduction to the subject along with the layout of the various sprues. After that the bill can essentially be thought of as two separate kits, the tractor and the launcher. In fact the are laid out as if it was to kits with the tractor having 18 steps and the instructions for the trailer start again at step one and covers 14 more steps. As you can see in the attached images instructions look clear and well laid out with not too much happening in each step so they should be reasonably easy to follow. The painting guides cover three different options and it uses one page for the tractor and one page for the launcher for each of those three options.

The level of detail on these kits is very impressive, especially for 1/72 scale. The tractor is built out of 179 parts and the launcher is built from 108 parts. The launcher has the option to be built with the launcher elevated and the outriggers extended or with the launchers stowed and the outriggers not extended. It looks like you can actually move it from one position to the other after it’s been built, but I won’t know for sure until it is built. The outriggers are held in place with the poly caps so they can be swapped. Overall there is a lot of detail on the parts themselves as well as being a large number of parts to build a well detailed kit.

The painting instructions give ammo paints throughout. The painting guides themselves full colour, printed quite large and easy to understand. Decor placement is also on these diagrams although as you can see in the image gallery they’re not actually labelled.

The decals themselves look very nice, with almost no backing film visible, and as stated before there are three painting schemes but the only differences in the use of decals seems to be in the number plates.

I found this kit for sale for $27.74 at HobbyEasy.

Overall this is a very nicely detailed kit with the plastic itself has some fine details and the kit as a whole has a large part count and hence lots of details. This is the only kit of the Patriot system available complete with tractor in this scale.

Many thanks to Modelcollect for sending the sample for review.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

Paul Tosney

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