Mit der Kamera an der Front

Als Kriegsberichter bei der I.(J)/LG 2 und dem JG 77

As usual, the book came from the publishers in Germany in a sturdy cardboard parcel and also wrapped in plastic.

The contents of the book are:

  • Author: Axel Urbanke
  • ISBN: 978-3-941437-40-1
  • Pages: 240
  • Photos: 54 colour– and 170 B/W-photos
  • Illustrations::
    • 13 coloured mashine profiles
    • 14 coloured maps
  • 25 x 28,5 cm large-format, Hard cover plus dust jacket

The specialist literature includes extensive and well-illustrated publications about many German Jagdgeschwader and Jagdgruppen; however, one Gruppe which in terms of photos has been in a deep sleep for a long time is I.(J)/LG 2. Despite the fact that fighter pilots who later became well known, men like Ihlefeld, Geißhardt, Marseille, Harder, Strakeljahn and Kemethmüller, flew their first operational sorties and scored their first victories with the unit, the photographic material available to those with an interest in the unit is limited.

Now, however, with Volume 3 in our Photographed by Soldiers series we can offer all fighter enthusiasts unique photo material. The foundation of this book is a collection of color slides in the estate of a former war reporter who accompanied I.(J)/LG 2 from the Channel in 1941, through the Balkans to Russia. He was with the unit in Russia in 1942 when it was renamed I./JG 77. With JG 77, in the summer of 1942 he took the last photos showing the commander of the Geschwader, Maj. Gollob, and his aircraft. The color images provide completely new and unexpected information about camouflage schemes, Staffel colors and emblems. To provide a complete picture of I.(J)/LG 2’s operational history, the color images are supplemented by impressive and never before seen black-and-white photos from the estates of various pilots and technicians who served with the Gruppe.

The book is published in German / English.

Table of contents for this issue:

  • Formation, Poland campaign, missions in defence of Germany, November 1938 to May 9, 1940
  • The western campaign, 10th of May to 23 June 1940
  • Operations against England, 23rd of June 1942 30 March 1941
  • Balkan campaign and operations in support of the invasion of Crete, 30th of March to 21 June 1941
  • Russian campaign and defensive operations in Romania, 22nd of June 1941 to 6th of January 1942
  • Maj Gordon Mac Gollob. In the Crimea from May to July 1942

This book is a unique photo journal of a Luftwaffe fighter unit using previously unpublished black-and-white and colour photographs. the colour photographs have never been seen in print before and allow some corrections to be made to the colours thought to be used on some aircraft. The captions for the photographs are excellent and give a good description of what we’re seeing in each image. There is also text that gives the background story as the unit moves around western Europe, down to the Balkans and finally up to southern Russia.

Highly recommended for both modellers and Luftwaffe enthusiasts.
If you’re going to buy a copy, do it soon as once they’re gone, they don’t get republished very often.

The book is available from the publisher for €64,00. (about USD$72.65 at today’s exchange rate)

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