The set includes 10 options for Italian Tornados in both sand and lo-viz gray-green camouflages, which flew from 1991 to 2011 and saw action over Iraq and Kosovo.

Printed in Czech Republic by BOA Agency, sized for the Revell kit, although I’m pretty sure they will fit most modern 1/48 kits.

The pack contains

  • 2 pages of colour side and top/bottom views with guides to which decals go where.
  • 1 double sided sheet which shows stencil placement, colour guides, weapon loads and decal sheet views so you can find the decal you’re looking for.
  • 2 colour decal sheets.

Starting with the sheet with placement for the stencils, it shows all 4 comprehensive views of an Italian tornado and where all the various stencils are placed. It’s not easy to see how many complete sets of stencils there are, but I suspect it is more than 1. It tells you which ones are the most common ones and the other you will need to double check your references if you want to be 100% sure of accuracy. This sheet also gives some common weapon loads for Op. Locusta, Op. Allied Force and Training. There is a view of each of the 2 decal sheets showing where to locate the decals on the sheets. Finally there’s a colour guide with some of them also given in FS, although there’s a typo here with FS 34086 given twice for 2 different colours, red and dark green – but to be honest FS 34086 doesn’t really look like either, so maybe both are wrong.

Update: We’ve just heard from Yury and the typo has been corrected on subsequent publishing and the red has been updated to FS 31350.

Next we have the 2 double sided colour view sheets. Each sheet covers 5 aircraft and shows which colours are used where, including wing pylons and BOZ pods. There are also some notes on particular aircraft, especially the desert camouflaged ones. The aircraft covered are:

  • Tornado IDS, 6 Stormo, Ghedi AB, Italy Oct 1991. Grey/Green camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS-HARM, 50 Stormo, Op. Allied Force, Piacenza AB, Italy, 1999. Grey/Green camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS-HARM, 50 Stormo, Op. Allied Force, Piacenza AB, Italy, Sept 1999. Grey/Green camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS, 36 Stormo, Gioia del Colle AB, Italy, Sept 1998. Grey/Green camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS, 36 Stormo, Gioia del Colle AB, Italy, Sept 1995. Grey/Green camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS, Op. Locusta, Al Dhafra AB, Abu Dhabi, early 1991. Desert camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS, 36 Stormo, Op. Allied Force, Gioia del Colle AB, Italy, 1999. Desert camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS, 50 Stormo, Op. Allied Force,  Piacenza AB, Italy, 1999. Desert camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS, 6 Stormo, Ghedi AB, Italy, 1993. Grey/Green camouflage.
  • Tornado IDS, 6 Stormo, Ghedi AB, Italy, autumn 1993. Grey/Green camouflage.

Lastly we come to the decal sheets themselves. There 2 sheets, both packed with decals. One touch I really like is that there are 2 sets of tactical numbers, one in solid colours when the numbers were first applied and one in faded colours to represent numbers that were applied some time ago and have faded. The carrier film is very tight to the decals and the colours are solid and registration is very good too. All in all, a very good set of decals.

This decal set is overall a high quality package, good decals, good diagrams and instructions and very comprehensive. This is as good as you are going to find anywhere else.

Many thanks to Mission Mark for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International –

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