MiniArt T-34 Workable Track Links

This is a set of plastic workable tracks for 1/35 T-34s or anything that used T-34 running gear.

The box is MiniArts usual end opening box, which is good for this kit. The box contains:

  • 10 x sprue Fj
  • 8 x sprue K
  • 176 parts in total

The instructions are on the back of the box and are very clear and simple to follow.

Paints are called out 8 manufacturers, but there’s only one colour mentioned; black. You will probably want to use your own preferred colours.

If you watch the video you can see the results when I try and put them together. There is going to be a failure rate as the attachment pins break off pretty easy and snapping them together is a bit fiddly. However, these are better than rubber band type tracks and are cheaper than metal tracks with a comparable level of detail. They won’t sag as naturally as metal on their own as they don’t have much weight to them, but they will be pretty easy to put into the right position, unlike rubber band tracks. Overall, it’s a good compromise and highly recommended.

I see this set is available online for USD $8.99 at luckymodel.

Many thanks to MiniArt for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

Paul Tosney

Paul has been with Model Builder International since almost the beginning. He started building models as a boy, and took a hiatus, but started building again a few years ago. He builds pretty much anything, but mostly WW2, with a smattering of modern and the occasional SciFi model.


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