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MiniArt has 3 new kits in development that should be released pretty soon:


The tram crew figures have been updated and .contains 45 parts making five figures.

This tractor kit is the next in the series of kits released based on MiniArt’s award winning US D7 tractor series. This kit contains:

  • 615 parts used.
  • Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds.
  • Highly detailed model
  • Fully-detailed engine compartment and chassis
  • Total 642 parts in the box
  • 631 plastic parts
  • 7 PE parts
  • 4 Clear parts
  • 3 Figures are included
  • Decals included
  • Full-color instruction
  • Workable track link

The T-44M tank is based upon their newly released T-44.  .

  • up-to-date technology using sliding moulds
  • Highly detailed model
  • Accurately reproduced cast pattern of turret
  • Workable torsion bars
  • Fully detailed fighting compartment interior
  • V-54 engine included
  • Total details 853
  • 659 plastic parts
  • 94 photoetched parts
  • 15 clear plastic parts
  • Decal sheet for 4 variants
  • Full-colour instructions


The T-44 was created in 1943-1944. Though the T-44 did not see combat in World War II, it was issued to tank brigades for training purposes. It was never shown publicly during military parades and pictures were never shown publicly until the secrecy was dropped. The T-44 was being developed in order to create a tank that would have better combat and technical characteristics than the T-34.


The original intention was to retain the high mobility and speed of a T-34 and to provide the T-44 with heavier armour protection against large-caliber tank guns. This was accomplished by adding thicker armour but reducing the internal volume of the hull. Although the T-44 used many components of the T-34, it had a new hull, and a modified model diesel engine, suspension and transmission. Since 1961 began modernization of tanks T-44 to T-44M. Tanks remained in service with the Soviet Army until 1980s.


Engine V-44 was changed to V-54 developing 520 hp, 2-VTI dual-purpose air cleaner was changed to one VTI-4 with two stages of cleaning.
On the right fenders were installed three additional fuel tanks with capacity of 95 liters each of them. As a result, the fuel capacity was increased to 785 liters, so the maximal road operational range of the tank was increased to 420 km – 440 km.
The gearbox and the main clutch were upgraded with planetary steering mechanism instead of side clutches.
The chassis of the T-44M was completely modified. The tank received a new type of track links with new idler wheels and reinforced drive wheel.
T-44M received a new night vision device TVN-2 instead of MK-4 and a new sight system.
The ammunition stowage was increased from 58 rounds to 61 rounds.
Old 9R radio set was changed to a new R-113 radio set.
T-44M received front and rear corner light. The sound signal was replaced by moisture-resistant signal C-58.
Lamp FG-100 with infrared filter was mounted to illuminate an area when using TVN-2.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

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