In response to problems with poor camouflage discipline among US tank crews, the 602nd Engineer Camouflage Battalion developed both a standard for applying camouflage paint (typically black over olive drab) and a system for attaching mesh matting to the tank to facilitate attaching foliage and branches to help blend the tank into its environment.  Looking similar to what you see used for chain link fencing, the matting was secured to the tank with steel rods or cables which were woven in a linear fashion through the mesh and then welded to the hull and turret.

The set comes packaged in a plastic sleeve with a single brass photo etch fret of Sommerville (also known as Sommerfield) matting taped to a sheet of black card stock.  The photo etch fret is protected by a thin sheet of clear plastic on both sides.

There are no instructions in this set, so check your reference photos to get an idea of how you need to trim the lengths to fit the hull and turret sides.  There is not much information available out on the internet, however we came across a few photos for reference.  The matting is cut to shape and can be left relatively straight or bent and tweaked to represent wear and tear.  You’ll need to find some material to represent the steel rods/cables that were woven through the mesh which was then welded to the turret or hull to secure the matting in place.  Don’t worry about making everything perfect, this was an improvised method to allow enhanced camouflaging using branches and foliage, so each application was unique.

This is another great addition to the ET Model lineup with an affordable price and is recommended!

Review sample graciously provided by ET Model

ET Model is based in Shanghai China and produces aftermarket photoetch and resin detail and upgrade sets.

Scott Espin – Model Builder International –

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