Lifelike Decals 72-SP-01 Airfix 1/72 B-25C/D Correction

This 1/72 decal sheet from Lifelike Decals is designed for only the Airfix B-25C/D kit. The set consists of:

  • 1 A4 sheet of single-sided colour instructions
  • 1 decal sheet 9 cm x 4 cm

The decals arrived in a padded envelope from the manufacturer. Your supplier may package differently. The set is inside a zip-lock style bag and the bag has plenty of space so it is easy to get the sheets in and out.

The sheet covers 1 aircraft:

  1. B-25C, 41-12480 “Desert Warrior” Bolling Field (Washington DC) | July 1943

This set is purely a correction set and as such is quite limited in what it contains. It only contains the decals that are missing or incorrect from the Airfix decal sheet.

The A4 sheet is folded in half to make a small booklet. The cover shows the parts of the aircraft that are covered with this set. There are 11 references they used in making this set and 2 of them are for original colour photographs of the aircraft. Knowing the amount of research Lifelike do on their decal sets I’m pretty sure they’re correct. The fact the desert is yellow in the colour photograph makes sense really since that is the approximate colour of sand.

Another thing I like is that Lifelike Decals have updates to sheets on their website. If further information is found out about a particular aircraft they post it there and where needed, offer correction sheets if you contact them.

This sheet will cost roughly $9.00 or less, plus shipping, depending on where you live. It is available direct from Lifelike Decals website too.

It’s a cheap upgrade to the Airfix kit to ensure you have the correct coloured markings on your aircraft and for this aircraft, it makes a difference since they’re such a large part of the aircraft. The decals themselves look good with minimal backing film.

Many thanks to Lifelike Decals for the review sample.

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