Kagero Super Drawings in 3D. IJN Kaga

The Super Drawings in 3D series of books are smaller books that supply 3D style views of ships from stem to stern. This is book 16 in the series. The series is currently up to 71 books.

Japanese aircraft carrier “Kaga”. She was initially being built as a battleship, but as a result of a coincidence, she became one of the first large carriers in history. She was a part of Japanese Kidō Butai, a group of carriers that decided about the power of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the first half-year of the war in Pacific. After a daring attack on Pearl Harbor followed by a series of further victories, there was a reversal during the battle of Midway, when “Kaga” and three accompanying carriers were destroyed which ultimately buried Japan’s chances for winning the war.

The book info…

  • Author: Stefan Dramiński
  • ISBN 978-83-64596-22-3
  • about 80 pages
  • 120 renders
  • 1 × double B2 sheet with scale drawings
  • Gloss coated paper
  • Format (sizes): A4 (210×297 mm)

The book starts off with a 6-page history of the ship from her original design as a battleship to her sinking at Midway. There’s actually quite a lot of information packed into those 6 pages. From them on the book covers all the normally visible areas of the ship in good quality close up images. There are notes to go with most of the images to explain what it is you’re seeing and give you any background information you might need.

You also get a large double-sided pull-out set of diagrams. There are side views of the ship in 1/400 along with drawings of many parts of the ship in a variety of scales.

If you want to get your Kaga build to be historically accurate then this book is essential. You get close up views of all the ship’s rigging and all the various parts of the ship from stem to stern.

This book is available direct from the publisher here for about US$25.20.

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