Kagero Super Drawing #36 IJN Yahagi

Yahagi was the third of four vessels completed in the Agano class of light cruisers, which were intended to replace increasingly obsolete light cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy. Funding was authorized in the 4th Naval Armaments Supplement Programme of 1939, although construction was delayed due to lack of capacity in Japanese shipyards. Like other vessels of her class, Yahagi was intended for use as the flagship of a destroyer flotilla.

The design for the Agano class was based on technologies developed by the experimental cruiser Yūbari, resulting in a graceful and uncluttered deck line and single smokestack. Yahagi was armed with six 152 mm Type 41 guns in three gun turrets. Secondary armament included four 8cm/60 Type 98 naval guns designed specifically for the class, in two twin turrets amidships. Anti-aircraft weapons included two triple 25 mm AA guns in front of the bridge, and two twin 13 mm mounts near the mast. Yahagi also had two quadruple torpedo launchers for Type 93 torpedoes located below the flight deck, with eight reserve torpedoes. The torpedo tubes were mounted on the centerline, as was more common with destroyers, and had a rapid reload system with eight spare torpedoes. Two depth charge rails and 18 depth charges were also installed aft. Yahagi was also equipped with two Aichi E13A aircraft and had a flight deck with a 26-foot catapult.

The engines were a quadruple-shaft geared turbine arrangement with six boilers in five boiler rooms, developing 100,000 shp (75,000 kW) for a maximum speed of 35 knots (65 km/h).

On 7 April 1945, Yahagi was sunk during “Operation Ten-Go”.

The details of the book are:

  • Mariusz Motyka
  • The Light Cruiser Yahagi
  • ISBN 978-83-64596-66-7
  • 92 pages
  • 118 renders
  • 18 3D images
  • Double sheet A2 with the plans
  • Price: €29.95

As you can see in the video this book is an excellent resource for building a model of the Yahagi, or any of her sister ships. The double sided A2 plans give you all the rigging and various views. The 118 rendered images give you all the details you could ever want about the ship. The 3D images are a bonus and really do look very good. There are 4 pages giving you some background on the ship and the changes to her over her short lifetime. The annotations to the images also give a few more details.

If you’re building the Yahagi in any scale then this is the only reference book you need.

Available from Kagero here for €29.95
In the UK here for £18.99
In the USA here for $28.95

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