This decal sheet contains markings for 6 early P-40s with very different colour schemes and units. The decals themselves are very nicely printed with minimal carrier film surrounding them. The printing is very fine, in register, and the colours are solid and overall these look like a good quality set of decals.

The 2 sided colour instruction sheet gives port side and above views and also views of the bottoms of all the wings. There is also a paragraph to describe each aircraft, its unit and the colours used.

The aircraft are:

  1. Natural metal P-40 assigned to the Air Corp’s Technical School’s 10th Air Base Sqn.
  2. Camouflaged P-40 as seen at the 1939 New York World’s fair.
  3. Tomahawk IIB of 73 Sqn RAF Egypt 1941 with Curtis equivalent colours for RAF camouflage and unusual roundels.
  4. P-40 of 33 Sqn, 8th Pursuit Group Sep 1940.
  5. Tomahawk IIA of 403 Sqn RCAF May 1941 with Curtis equivalent colours for RAF camouflage.
  6. Tomahwak IIB of an unknown unit in the western desert late 1942. This aircraft is finished in desert camouflage.

The decal sheet contains no stencils, so you will have to use those that came with your kit. With the decal sheet you have one set of red/white striped rudder decals as used on aircraft 1, 2 and 4, so you can only do one of those. You can do the other 3 aircraft all from this decal sheet, making 4 of the 6 schemes possible straight out the bag, so to speak. If you are up to masking the rudder to make the red/white stripes then you can make all 6.

All in all this is a quality decal sheet with a wide variety of schemes, and is highly recommended for your next 1/72 early P-40s.

Many thanks to Iliad Designs for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International –

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