Iliad Design 1/48 Mig-19 J-6 Decal Sheet

This decal sheet is numbered 48005a, similar to the 48005 of the initial release of this 1/48 decal sheet, which makes sense since it is a reprint of that sheet, with an upgrade. This second edition of the sheet has 2 extra aircraft on it and so now has 1 Mig-19S  and 6 Shenyang J-6 instead of the 5 Shenyang J-6 of the first edition. The first edition has been out of print for a while and no one has stock anymore. It was popular and sold out everywhere.

The decal set arrived from Iliad decals in a stout cardboard envelope. The subjects of this sheet are:

  • Shenyang J-6, 26 Sqn., Pakistan Air Force
  • Shenyang J-6, Egyptian Air Force, 1983
  • Shenyang J-6, Pakistan Air Force, retirement ceremony
  • MiG-19S, Soviet aerobatic display team in the late 1950s and early ‘60s
  • Shenyang J-6, Albanian Air Force
  • Shenyang J-6, 925th Fighter Regiment, Vietnamese People’s Air Force, 1972
  • Shenyang J-6, Chinese PLAAF

The set contains just the aircraft specific decals and you would use any stencils from the kit you’re using. You will be able to make all 7 aircraft though – if you have 7 kits available!

The contents of this set are:

  • 1 double-sided colour sheet of instructions
  • 1 21 cm x 14 cm decal sheet

The instructions are clear and simple and give all the extra details you’re going to need to get your build right. The port side views of each aircraft have details against each of them letting you know details about the camouflage scheme used and any idiosyncrasies of the individual aircraft. On the reverse side of the sheet are top views of the 7 aircraft showing camouflage schemes on the top and the colours used on the undersides. All the colours used on the aircraft are named.

The decal sheet, as you can see in the photographs and the video, are perfectly in register, well detailed and the colours look good too. The backing film is minimal to non-existent except in places where it is needed to line text up. Iliad has chosen a good set of colourful aircraft to build.

This set is available for $12.00 from Iliad Design’s site.

This is a very nice decal set with some attractive options for any 1/48 Mig-19 or Shenyang J-6.

Many thanks to Iliad Design for the review sample.

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