Hauler and Brengun news

Hauler and Brengun have a slew of new releases:

HAULER 1/87 HO – Kits and Accessories
HLR87184 MZ ES 250/2 Army
HLR87185 Welder with cart

HAULER 1/120 TT – Construction kits
HTT120067 Tractor Svoboda with one axle carriage r.1937

HAULER AFV 1/72 – Accessories
HLH72051 Plastic Crates
HLH72052 Dragon’s Teeth tank traps

HAULER AFV 1/48 – Accessories
HLX48370 Horch 4×4 Type 1a (TAMIYA)
HLX48371 Hand pallet truck
HLX48372 American staff Car PAINTING MASKS (TAMIYA)
HLX48373 British light utility Car PAINTING MASKS (TAMIYA)

HAULER AFV 1/35 – Accessories
HLU35091 Military provisions
HLU35092 Hand pallet truck
HAULER 1/35 – Construction kits
HLM35003 Japanese steel pillbox

BRENGUN 1/72 – Plastic construction kits
BRP72019 Spitfire Mk.IX floatplane

BRENGUN 1/144 – Plastic construction kits
BRP144001 Bachem Ba-349 A Natter
BRP144002 Bachem Ba-349 M52/M58

BRENGUN 1/144 – Accessories
BRL144122 Avia B-534 (Eduard)

BRENGUN 1/144 – Construction kits
BRS144030 MD-3 USN Starter unit cart (2pcs)

BRENGUN 1/72 – Construction kits
BRS72005 P-25 Fire engine

BRENGUN 1/72 – Accessories
BRL72102 Tie down points (star type) US aircraft carrier
BRL72103 Tie down points (cross type) US aircraft carrier
BRL72104 Ski undercarriage for Š-328 (Special Hobby kit)
BRL72105 Typhon bubletop CANOPY MASKS (Brengun kit)
BRL72106 Typhon CAR Doors CANOPY MASKS (Brengun kit)
BRL72107 Blom Voss BV-40 CANOPY MASKS (Brengun kit)

They also have various items you can download:
HAULER and BRENGUN Catalogue http://www.hauler.cz/downloads/WEBkatalogKomplet.pdf
Newsletter 1/2016 http://www.hauler.cz/downloads/1-2016newsletter.pdf

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

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