Hasegawa Sep Releases

Hasegawa have updated their Sep release list and it now looks like this. Special Edition and Limited Edition kits are in high demand by collectors and tend to sell out fast. So if you see one you like, do yourself a favor: see your favorite dealer — and pre-order.


1/24 Denso Toyota 88C “1989 Le Mans” Limited Edition

Control in your corner. The 24 Hours of Le Mans race, or just “Le Mans”, is one of the most punishing events in the world of motorsports. Cars, drivers, and pit teams are strained to the absolute maximum. Prototype cars like the 88C frequently don’t finish at all, so when 88s finished both 12th and 24th in the 1988 race, there was great optimism on the Toyota staff. Unfortunately, the 88C sent to the 1989 Le Mans broke down along with two of its successors.

91 pieces
Length: 7.8 in (199 mm)
Width: 3.3 in (83 mm)


1/24 YHP Nissan R89C Limited Edition

Prototype performer. In the world of high-performance automotive sports, there’s little room for error. Absolute excellence is demanded of every car, every driver, and every pit crew. The Nissan R89C was an exceptional design-made from carbon fiber and with a new twin-turbo V8 engine. Unfortunately, the vehicle was put into competition before it was really ready. Numerous poor finishes were capped by the mechanical failure of all three cars entered into the 1990 24 Hours of Le Mans. Now, we’re bringing the R89C back for a second try at glory!

93 pieces
Length: 8.7 in (221 mm)
Width: 3.3 in (83 mm)

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