Hasegawa Oct 2019 Releases

    F-4EJ Phantom II “Flying Development Experiment Group 60th Anniversary”
    Scale … 1: 72
    Part Number ……… 02191
    Number of parts … 117
    Model Length … 265mm
    Model Width … 163mm

    A kit of “Black Phantom” that was unveiled at the Gifu Air Base Air Festival in October last year.
    The gorgeous design that compliments the gold shock wave mark on the whole body black is attractive! The vertical tail is marked with the 60th anniversary mark of the Flight Development Experiment Team.
    The part color is black. The markings of the additional tank that was released at the ceremony later will also be reproduced.

    Decal (marking)
    Air Self-Defense Force Flight Development Experiment Team 60th Anniversary Painter “336” (Gifu Base: October 2015)

    RF-4E Phantom II “501SQ Final Year 2020 (Ocean Camouflage)
    Scale … 1: 72
    Part Number ……… 02316
    Number of Parts … 125 Model
    Total Length … 265mm
    Model Full Width … 163mm

    Retired at the end of 2019. RF-4E Final Year Memorial Painting Machine!
    Designed with a film for photography unique to the Reconnaissance Air Corps.
    The silhouettes of RF-86F when the 1961 unit was launched and RF-4 when it was closed in 2020 are drawn.

    Decal (marking)
    JASDF Reconnaissance Air Corps No. 501 Squadron RF-4E Retirement Commemorative Paint Machine “905” (Mariori Base: 2019)

    F-35 Lightning II (Type A) “JASDF Temporary F-35 Squadron”
    Scale … 1: 72
    Part number ……… 02284
    Number of parts … 68
    Model total length … 217mm
    model full width … 148mm

    Reproduced the first F-35A and AX-6 (F-35A Air Self-Defense Force total 6 units: domestic production 2 units) deployed at Misawa base .
    Temporary F-35 Squadron is a unit organized on the premise of reorganization to the 302nd Squadron.
    On February 24, 2018, the F-35A deployment commemorative ceremony was held, and this machine was exhibited.

    Decal (marking)
    Air Self Defense Force temporary F-35A squadron affiliation machine “ AX-6: 706 ” (Misawa base: February 24, 2018)

    Mitsubishi T-2 “CCV”
    Scale … 1:48
    Part Number ……… 09692
    Number of Parts … 153
    Model Length … 372mm
    Model Width … 164mm

    CCV, “Control Configured Vehicle” means “aircraft with a form that prioritizes maneuverability”.
    This is a test machine developed by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Aircraft Experiment Team in pursuit of a more efficient airframe shape.

    Decal (marking)
    “103” Gifu base (first flight on August 9, 1983)

    Messerschmitt Bf109E-1 “Blitz Creek”
    Scale … 1:48
    Part Number ……… 07478
    Number of Parts … 59
    Model Total Length … 183mm
    Model Full Width … 206mm

    Reproduce the aircraft that was thrown into the blitz war in 1939 invasion of Poland.

    Etching parts
    Instrument panel parts

    Decal (marking)
    101st Battle Squadron 2nd Squadron Affiliated Machine “Red 10” (September 1939)
    77th Fighter Wing 2nd Squadron Company Commander Hannes Trauttroft Okuma Rider “Red 1” (September 1939)

    F-35 Lightning II (Type A) “Beast Mode”
    Scale … 1: 72
    Part number ……… 02315
    Model total length … 217.5mm
    model full width … 148mm

    Full armed under the wing! A type Beast mode kit.
    Includes pylon / missile launcher and armed parts.
    It is possible to reproduce the figure with AIM-9X Sidewinder x2 and GBU-12 Paveway II x4 on the lower surface of the main wing .

    Decal (marking)
    US Air Force 53rd Aircraft affiliation machine “OT” (Neris Air Force Base)
    Dutch Air Force affiliation machine “OT F-002”

    Mitsubishi F-2A “Flight Development Experiment Team” w / ASM-3
    Scale … 1:72
    Part Number … …… 02274
    Number of Parts … 148
    Model Length … 209mm
    Model Width … 156mm

    The newest ASM-3 and AAM-5 parts are newly made on a 1/72 scale!
    Air-to-ship missile ASM-3 checkered pattern set with decals.

    Additional plastic parts
    ASM-3 (× 2)
    AAM-5 (× 4)

    Decal (marking)
    Japan Air Self-Defense Force flight development experiment team F-2 prototype No. 2 “502” (Gifu base: 2017)

    IJN Destroyer Hamakaze “Midway Battle Super Detail”
    Scale … 1: 350
    Part No …. 40101
    Model Total Length … 347.5mm
    Model Full Width … 33mm

    A gorgeous version of the thrilling 13th ship “Hamakaze”, with many detail-up parts!
    Etching parts: Handrail parts, etc.

    Product Specifications
    Midway Battle (June 1942)

    Nakajima E8N1 Type 95 No.1 water reconnaissance aircraft
    Scale … 1:48
    Part No. ……… 07479
    number of parts … 116
    model full-length … 186mm
    model full width … 231mm

    Reproduce the markings of the Maya-mounted machine before the Pacific War.

    Decal (marking)
    Heavy cruiser Maya-equipped aircraft “J IV-2” “J IV-3” (1940)
    Heavy cruiser Maya-equipped aircraft “E II-1” (1940)

    Kawasaki T-4 “Blue Impulse 2019”
    Scale … 1:48
    Part Number ……… 07480
    Number of Parts … 118
    Model Total Length … 258mm
    Model Full Width … 207mm

    Decal (marking)
    JASDF Blue Impulse (Matsushima Base: 2019)

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