Hasegawa November 2017 Releases

1/72 Pz.Kpfw IV ausf.F2 & 8t Half Track & 88mm Gun Flak 18 “Rommel Afrika Korps”

A complete Krieg. Look out, Egypt! This set includes the incredible Panzer IV which conquered from the gates of Moscow to the English Channel and from Northern Norway to North Africa, the 88mm Flak Gun that did so much more than shoot down aircraft, and an 8 ton Half Track to haul it. To command it all, there’s a figure of Rommel-The Desert Fox-grudgingly admired by friend and foe alike for his wily near-conquest of Africa against incredible odds. This limited edition kit combo features three models and a metal Rommel figure.

93 / 71 / 97 pieces

1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 “Finnish Air Force Aces” (2 kits) Limited Edition

Far over Finland. Fighter Squadron No. 34 faced off against the Soviet forces that had been pressing the borders of Finland since 1939. With an operational strength of just 16 Bf109s, the unit suffered 30 losses but managed to down 345 enemy aircraft. This tally was due in no small part to Ilmari Juutilainen, the top scoring pilot in Finnish aviation and to Hemmo Leino who achieved 11 aerial victories in his career. This limited edition kit combo features two Bf109G-6s with decals for Ilmari and Hemmo.

Decal Options:

Finnish A.F. 1/LeLv 34 W.O. Eino Ilmari Juutilainen White 0:MT-451 June 1944
Finnish A.F. 1/LeLv 34 S.Sgt. Hemmo Leino White 3:MT-423 June 1944

48 / 48 pieces
Length: 4.9 in (124 mm)
Width: 5.2 in (132 mm)

1/72 Shinmeiwa SS-2 “Rescue Seaplane” Limited Edition

Saviors of the seas. GPS, sonar, computerized control’s it all counts for nothing in the face of the wrath of the Pacific. When all the failsafes fail, the Shinmeiwa is there to save the day. These aircraft are massive quad-prop flying boats that are capable of taking onboard up to twenty stranded mariners or 12 stretchers. It’s definitely the kind of thing you want to see when you’re lost on the sea.

Decal Option: JMSDF (assumption marking)

182 pieces
Length: 17.8 in (453 mm)
Width: 18 in (458 mm)

1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A “3SQ 60th Anniversary” Limited Edition

Saviors of the seas. The Mitsubishi F-2A may not be the most famous fighter around, but it is certainly one of the most impressive. The F-2 has the distinction of being the first military aircraft equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. Its wing area is also 25 percent larger than other fighters in its class. These advantages make the F-2 a key element of the JASDF units tasked with defending Japan’s strategic airspace. This limited edition kit features a special marking for 3rd air wing, 3rd Squadron 60th anniversary special marking.

Decal Option: JASDF 3rd AW 3rd SQ 60th Anniversary Special marking Code: 524 (43-8524) Misawa A.B. 2016

128 pieces
Length: 8.2 in (209 mm)
Width: 6.1 in (156 mm)

1/24 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV Limited Edition

Envy of everyone. Designed virtually in secret by Lamborghini engineers, the Miura was the perfect blend of on-road car and racecar. Its exquisite lines, great handling, and powerful V-12 engine put the competition to shame. There was simply nothing else to match it on the market in the seventies. Adding to its mystique is the rarity of the type-less than a thousand were built with only 150 of the P400 SV built.
Decal Option: Chassis No.5030
116 pieces
Length: 7.2 in (182 mm)
Width: 3 in (77 mm)

1/24 BMW 318i Limited Edition

The last word in luxury. A standout model from the getgo, the BMW 318 is exceptionally luxurious, spacious, and had the superior drivability all BMW models boast. Sadly, the same features that make everybody want it are the features that keep its price out of our grasp. Luckily, there’s this 1/24 scale version! Build your own BMW and don’t break the bank! This limited edition kit features highly detailed parts and full decals.
83 pieces
Length: 7.3 in (186 mm)
Width: 2.8 in (70 mm)

1/24 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Limited Edition

Powerful performance. Jaguar is synonymous with performance and performance. That is nowhere more apparent than in the V12 powered XJ-S. This exceptionally long-nosed vehicle had an engine which turned the comparatively small car into nothing less than a rocket on wheels. Plus, in the stylistically starved seventies, it was one of the more exceptionally well modeled cars. A thoroughbred amongst plow horses. This limited edition kit features highly detailed parts and full decals.
123 pieces
Length: 7.3 in (199 mm)
Width: 2.8 in (75 mm)

1/24 BMW 2002 Turbo1/24 BMW 2002 Turbo

2 liter turbo. It really doesn’t look like much, but beneath the standard 70’s euro-car exterior, there’s quite the engine. A turbocharged two liter engine delivered 170 horsepower straight to the tires. That much power meant this thing could flat fly. Sadly, practical consideration like fuel consumption, coupled with the 1973 oil crisis limited production of this powerful performer to less than 2,000 vehicles. Kit features new fender, rear seat, wheel, tail light, front grill, and tire parts.
Decal Option:
BMW 2002 turbo late type
134 pieces
Length: 6.9 in (176 mm)
Width: 2.7 in (68 mm)

1/700 Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Tatsuta Limited Edition

Taking on the world. Designed, essentially, as an enlarged destroyer. Tatsuta carried four 14cm guns, and a continuously fluctuating anti-aircraft armament. Tatsuta was used primarily as a transport and escort vessel during WWII. She ran supplies and men to the contested Islands of the Pacific and sometimes brought back the shattered remnants of those forces when they were expelled. She was eventually sunk by Sand Lance-an American submarine—on March 13, 1944. Kit features photoetched parts, full hull, rudder, screw, and display stand plus two sets of decals.

Decal Options:

IJN Dec.,1941 (the outbreak of war)
IJN July, 1942 (After anti-aircraft weapons are increased.)
116 pieces
Length: 8.1 in (204.5 mm)
Width: 0.9 in (22 mm)

1/450 JMSDF DDH Hyuga

An aircraft carrier by any other name. The largest ships built by Japan since the end of the Second World War, these “helicopter destroyers” are every bit as large as the aircraft carriers of other nations. Currently, they only operate rotary wing aircraft or tilt rotors. Hyuga herself, commissioned in 2009, hasn’t seen any combat but did help with disaster relief after the 2011 earthquake in Japan and has been used to help keep a close eye on North Korea’s nuke program. Kit features detailed parts and full decals for DDH-181.

Decal Option: JMSDF DDH-181
192 pieces
Length: 17.2 in (438 mm)
Width: 3.5 in (89 mm)

1/35 MechatroWeGo No.07 Power Arm “Purple & Pink” (2 kits) Limited Edition

Shall WeGo? Back in a new color with cool power arm parts, the MechatroWeGo is still the most incredible mechanical conveyance to hit the market since the bicycle. It’s perfect for getting your young one safely to and from school, soccer practice, the mall, and more! Pick up this set and get two WeGos to take anywhere. This limited edition kit combo features moving joints, boy and girl figure parts, power arm parts, and more.

86 / 86 pieces
Length: 3 in (76.5 mm)
Width: 2.7 in (68.5 mm)


1/72 Area-88 F-14A Tomcat Micky Scymon Limited Edition

Arslan Ace. Kaoru Shintani’s action-packed manga, Area-88, debuted in 1979. It was an instant hit, exciting readers with the exploits of Shin Kazama, a mercenary fighter pilot stationed at a top-secret air base called Area-88. One of Shin’s friends is American Mickey Simon (spelled “Micky Scymon” on the packaging), the base’s “number two” pilot, who flies an F-14 Tomcat throughout much of the series. This limited edition kit features one marking option inspired by the popular Japanese anime and manga “Area-88”.

Decal Option:

Kingdom of Arslan Air Force Area-88 Pilot: Micky Scymon
195 pieces
Length: 10.5 in (266 mm)
Width: 10.7 in (271 mm)

1/72 Kugisho P1Y1 Ginga Type 11

The twin-engine “Frances!” Designed for low-level torpedo and night bomber attacks, the twin-engine, Yokosuka-built P1Y Ginga began flight trials in the summer of 1943. While initial versions were not deemed impressive by the Imperial Navy, the P1Y1-S, with its increased speed, Type 99 cannons and Type 2 machine guns, was highly regarded and extensively used until the end of WWII. Kit features full decals and highly detailed parts.

79 pieces
Length: 8.2 in (208 mm)
Width: 10.9 in (278 mm)

1/1500 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia Limited Edition

One ship against the galaxy. Captain Harlock pilots the Battleship Arcadia in fierce resistance to the encroachments of an alien race, the Mazone. His semi-sentient ship is one of the few hopes for survival humanity has left. Pulsar cannons bristle from the sleek green decks, prepared to turn warships into cosmic dust. Even without ever seeing the movies or mangas, this ship is a piece of lethal art deserving of a proud place in your display case. This limited edition kit features decals for the second ship version of Arcadia plus two bonus Space Wolf fighters.

Decal Option: Space pirate battleship Arcadia second ship
147 pieces
Length: 12.3 in (313 mm)
Width: 6.8 in (173 mm)

1/72 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (2 kits) Limited Edition

Mashing the landscape. The Black Knights and the Argonauts both fly the F/A-18 Super Hornet from USS Nimitz, and it’s easy to see why. The F/A-18 is a thoroughly massive and destructive machine. Perfect for precision strikes with incredible amounts of ordnance. Nimitz is the pride of the Navy, a gigantic supercarrier capable of embarking multiple squadrons and taking them virtually anywhere in the world where there’s more than forty feet of water. This limited edition kit combo features twoSuper Hornets and decals for VFA-154 “Black Knights” and VFA-147 “Argonauts” aboard USS Nimitz.

Decal Options:

F/A-18F: USS Nimitz VFA-154 “Black Knights” CAG Code: NH100 2017
F/A-18E: USS Nimitz VFA-147 “Argonauts” CAG Code: NH200 2017
118 / 121 pieces
Length: 10 in (255 mm)
Width: 7.2 in (184 mm)

1/72 Scale Mitsubishi G3M2/G3M3 Type 96 Attack Bomber (Nell) With Torpedo

Japan’s powerful high-altitude bomber.The Mitsubishi G3M was introduced in 1935, as a result of a request from the Imperial Japanese Navy for a new heavy bomber. G3M2 models offered increased fuel capacity and more powerful engines, while G3M3s (built by Nakajima) were designed for long-range flight. This special reissue limited edition kit offers the choice of a G3M2 or a G3M3, bomb/torpedo parts.

94 pieces
Length: 9 in (228.5 mm)
Width: 13.7 in (347 mm)

1/700 Destroyer Asashio

Head of the class. Asashio, lead vessel of the Asashio class, was one of the exceptionally large, powerful destroyers laid down by the Japanese in the interwar period. It was equipped with six 12.7cm guns but, like with many Japanese warships, its chief armament was Japan’s superior torpedo technology. Asashio fought at Midway, Guadalcanal, and other places before being sunk at the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Kit features decals for Asashio as part of the 8th Destroyer Squadron in December, 1941.

Decal Option:IJN 8th destroyer SQ. Dec., 1941
88 pieces
Length: 6.7 in (169 mm)
Width: 0.6 in (15 mm)

1/24 Toyota 2000GT w/Girl’s Figure Limited Edition

What it’s all about. Japanese automakers weren’t always as renowned as they are today. In fact, their cars used to be seen as incredibly practical, but not very exciting. If you’re not excited about driving and the ladies don’t like it, what’s the point? So, Japan hit its stride with the 2000GT. No longer could European automakers claim sole dominion over the sex symbol sportsters that plied the roads of the world. The 2000GT stole their thunder and Japanese automakers never gave it back. This limited edition kit features a detailed 2000GT with new girl figure parts.

90 pieces
Length: 6.9 in (175 mm)
Width: 2.6 in (67 mm)

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