Hasegawa May  2019 Releases

OH-6D / 500MD “Land Self Defense Force / Taiwan Air Force”
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … 07474
release date … around 10 May 2019
Additional plastic parts

  • For Taiwan Air Force 500MD ASW: Smoke Marker, MAD (Magnetic Detector), Torpedo Parts

Resin parts

  • For Ground Self Defense Force OH-6D: Light, FLIR, antenna parts, etc.

Decal (marking)

  • OH-6D: Ground Self-Defense Force 10th Flight Corps Akeno Air Festival Commemorative Paint Machine “JG-1289” (Akino Station: November 2018)
  • 500MD ASW: Taiwan Air Force

F-15J Eagle “Komatsu Special 2018” w / High Detail Nozzle Parts
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 02299
release date … around 10 May 2019

The design with the motif of the dragon rose is attractive! We reproduce dragon camouflage F-15 of 303SQ. With super high detail 3D printing nozzle parts! (Open state) x 2

Decal (marking)

  • Japan Air Self Defense Force Sixth Air Corps The 303rd Squadron Komatsu Base Air Festival commemorative paint machine “885” (Komatsu base: September 2018)

RF-4E Phantom II “The 501st Squadron Shark Teeth
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 00772
release date … about May 17, 2019
Reproduce the tactical reconnaissance aircraft!

Decal (marking)

  • Air Self-Defense Force Reconnaissance Air Corps 501st Squadron “908” “904” “912”

P-8A Poseidon “VP-8 The Flying Tigers”
Scale … 1: 200
part number … … 10830
release date … about May 19, 2019
Reproduce the VP-8 affiliation that drew “Tiger’s face” on the vertical tail!
“LC007” and “LC759” depict tiger illustrations of different designs.

Decal (marking)

  • US Navy 8th Patriotic Squadron (VP-8) “The Flying Tigers” aircraft “LC007” (Kadena Base: March 2018)
  • US Navy 8th Patriotic Squadron (VP-8) “The Flying Tigers” Affiliated Flight Captain (CO) “LC759” (Kadena Base: October 2017)

Heinkel He 111 Z-2 “Zwilling” w / Bv 246 Hagelkorun
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 02305
release date … about May 24, 2019
Aircraft equipped with 2 glide bombs!

Additional plastic parts

  • Bv246 glide bomb parts (x 2)

Resin parts

  • Rack for Bv 246 equipment and mounting support parts (× 2)

Decal (marking)

  • 2 options TBN

Maritime Self-Defense Force escort ship Abukuma “hyper detail”
Scale … 1: 700
part number … … 30061
release date … about May 26, 2019
With the addition of new etchings, the creation of in-depth details!
Etching parts

  • Currently under development: Handrails, masts, radars, etc. are planned.


  • DE-229
  • DE-230

Mitsubishi G3M2 / G3M3 96-type land attack aircraft 22 type / 23
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … CP9
release date … around May 26, 2019
Reproduce the armed strengthening type with a 7.7mm machine gun on the torso side!

Decal (marking)

  • Mihoro Air Force Unit 1st Air Force Unit 7 Unit 7 Team
  • Motoyama Air Corps

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