Hasegawa Jan 2019 Releases

1/48 Nakajima B5N1

1/24 Tyrrell 021 
’93 F1 World Championship entry vehicle
Decal (marking):
Car No. 3 Driver: Kamiyama Ukyo / Car No. 4
Driver: Andrea de Cesari

1/72 Nakajima Ki 49  Type II Hwa Radio Warhead Equipment 

1/144 YS – 11FC “JASDF Flight Inspection Corps 60th Anniversary”

Decal (marking)
Air Self Defense Force Flight Inspection Corps Founding 60th Anniversary “160” (Iruma Base: October 2018)
Air Self Defense Force flight inspection team affiliation machine “154” (Iruma station: December 2015)

1/24 Plus T90-50
Decal (marking)
’90 All Nippon F3000 Championship Team Take-One Car No. 10 Driver: Volker Bidler

1/72 A-1H Sky Raider “US Navy”

1/72 F-4EJ Refined Super Phantom “302SQ F-4 Final Year 2019”
Decal (marking)
Air Self Defense Force No. 7 Aircraft No. 302 Squadron
F – 4 Retirement Commemorative Coating Machine “428” (100 – year – century: 2018 – 2019)

1/48 A-4C Sky Hawk

1/72 Mi-24/35 Mk.III Super Hind “Gray camouflage”
Resin parts
Furano turret type camera, F 2 20 mm machine cannon base, missile launcher, firing for aircraft side feed bullets, a tank, intake dust cover, etc.
Metal parts: Machine cannon barrel, step
Decal (marking)
Bulgarian Air Force testing machine “ZU-SOV” (2005)
Algeria Air Force affiliation machine “SB-89”

1/72 Mitsubishi ki 46 Hype Command Headquarters Reconnaissance Type III Air Force Air Defense Fighter “Independent Flight No. 17 Squadron”
Decal (marking)
Type III Independent Flight No. 17 Squadron Affiliation Machine

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