Hasegawa Feb 2019 Releases

Japanese Navy Type A Destroyer Akiun “Operation withdrawing Kiska Island”
Scale … 1: 350
product number ……… 40100

F-8J Crusader
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… PT26

P-47D Thunderbolt “Leatherback”
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… JT57

Mitsubishi ki-67 type 4 heavy bomber flying dragon Is No. 1 type armored guided missile loading machine
PrintScale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02298
Reproduction of a test machine equipped with wireless guided bullets for ship attack in a new illustration package.

Decal (marking)

  • Aircraft judging division Experiment squadron guidance mother unit Higury 220 Unit 220 “(Fussa Station: Fall 1944)
    Issue I Type I Carrier” 11 “(No. 11)
  • Bonus: I-type 1 type shell guided bullet “2” (prototype No.2 bullet)

Mitsubishi G4M2 set of land attack machine 22 type
Scale … 1:72
product number ……… CP7

F-14B Tomcat “VF-103 Jolly Rogers” w / High Detail Nozzle Parts
Scale … 1:72
product number ……… SP399

Comes with 2 3D printed engine nozzles.

Decal (marking)

  • US Navy carrier aircraft USS John F. Kennedy equipped 103rd battle flying squad “Jolly Rogers” flight captain “AA103” (2004)
  • CAG machine “AA 100” (2004)

Shinmeiwa PS-1 “31st Air Corps”
Scale … 1:72
Item number ……… 02195

The Maritime Self Defense Force ‘s antisubmarine patrol aircraft, PS – 1 is packaged in a new package.
This machine is a large flying boat developed using Shin Miwa Industries Co., Ltd., which changed its name from Kawanishi aircraft after the war, by utilizing the skills cultivated in two types of large flying boats and the like.
(* The existing K8 Shinmeiwa PS-1 / SS-2 will be out-of-print.)

Decal (marking)

  • Maritime Self-Defense Force 31st Air Force belonging machine “5809”
  • Maritime Self-Defense Force No. 31 aircraft belonging machine “5813”

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