Hasegawa December 2017 Releases

1/700 JMSDF DDH Kaga Full Hull Version Limited Edition
Strength for defense. An aircraft carrier in virtually all but name, the DDH Kaga “Helicopter Destroyer” can carry up to 28 aircraft and was commissioned early in 2017. It is part of a class of vessels that are the largest built by Japan since the end of WWII. This vessel, and the other vessels in its class, are specialized for anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue and, potentially, amphibious assault. They are also capable of launching short takeoff and landing aircraft. This limited edition kit features a full hull, full propulsion gear, and display stand.
Decal Option: JMSDF DDH-184
Skill Level 3
148 pieces
Length: 14 in (356 mm)
Width: 2.9 in (73 mm)

1/72 A-1H Skyraider “USS Ticonderoga” (2 kits)
Heavy firepower. Sheer reliability and massive ordnance capacity kept the piston-powered Skyraiders flying well into the “Jet Age.” Millions of pounds of ordnance were dropped by the Skyraiders against ground targets in Korea and Vietnam. The late A-1H version could carry up to 3,500 pounds (1,600 kg) of ordnance and was equipped with a combination bomb ejector/bomb director. This limited edition kit combo features two models and two marking options.
Decal Options:
US Navy USS Ticonderoga VA-52 CAG, Code: NM300, (34569), 1967
US Navy USS Ticonderoga VA-52, Code: NF388 (35338)
Skill Level 3
92 / 92 pieces
Length: 6.6 in (167 mm)
Width: 8.3 in (212 mm)

1/24 Subaru 360 1964 2nd Japan GP T-I Class Winner Limited Edition
Cruise to the finish line. Introduced in 1958, the Subaru 360 was designed to give Japan’s drivers an economical compact car for everyday driving. Compared to the VW Beetle, the 360 was smaller and distinguished by its monocoque body, fiberglass roof panel and rear-hinged “suicide doors.” Although the 360 was a moderate success in its native Japan, it did not fare as well internationally. Despite this, the Subaru 360 remains a hit with mini car collectors. This limited edition kit features one marking option.
Decal Option: 1964 2nd Japan GP T-I Class Winner, Car No. 9$62.99Qty for HSGS0322:Pre-Orderview larger image
Skill Level 3
71 pieces
Length: 5.1 in (128.5 mm)
Width: 2.2 in (55 mm)

1/24 Suzuki Jimmy JA71-JCU Limited Edition
Taking it offroad since the seventies. The Suzuki Jimny is, quite clearly, a descendant-through the Asian market-of the WWII Willis Jeep. A version of the Jimny currently holds the world altitude record for an offroad vehicle and thousands of offroading enthusiasts, around the world, trust them to take them to new heights. The JA71, with its three-cylinder engine, produces over forty horsepower which is more than enough to get it up and down the mountain! This limited edition kit features new front grille and bumpers plus full decals.
Decal Option:Type JA71-JCU
Skill Level 3
131 pieces
Length: 5.6 in (142 mm)
Width: 2.6 in (67 mm)

1/12 Suzuki GT380 B
Faster is better. Marketed as the “Sebring” in North America, the GT380 was a light and fast 2-Stroke cycle that smoked the streets from the early seventies until 1980. As part of the GT-series, it was available in a substantial number of displacements and variants. The GT380 was in the mid-range of displacement versions available, at 380cc. This gave it a good balance of power and economy. Kit features decals for a 1972 version.
Decal Option:April 1972 on the market
Skill Level 3
203 pieces
Length: 6.9 in (174 mm)
Width: 2.6 in (67 mm)

1/35 MechatroWeGo No.8 Sport White & Blue (2 kits) Limited Edition
Make the move to mechatronics. The MechatroWeGo is the first armored conveyance for kids. Made by Chubu Mechatronics these mobile robotic suits are perfect for getting around without worrying about gang violence, industrial pollutants, or roving bands of kidnappers. A MechatroWeGo is the best multi-ton heavy-metal peace of mind a parent can buy. Plus, it’s available in twos with cool colors the kids will love! It may be some time before the full size Mechatro hit the streets so practice with these 1/35 scale figures now! This limited edition kit combo features sporty blue and white Mechatros.
Skill Level 3
82 / 82 pieces

1/72 Area-88 J 35J Draken “Shin Kazama” Limited Edition
Arslan Air Force’s finest. Kaoru Shintani’s action-packed manga, Area-88, debuted in 1979. It was an instant hit, exciting readers with the exploits of Shin Kazama, a mercenary fighter pilot stationed at a top-secret air base called Area-88. Kazama flies the celebrated J 35J Draken fighter in several installments of the popular manga. The series, which was praised for its white-knuckle dogfighting action, inspired multiple animated films and a television series. This limited edition kit features markings for the Kingdom of Arslan Air Force, Area-88, Pilot: Shin Kazama.
Decal Option: Kingdom of Arslan Air Force Area-88 Pilot: Shin Kazama
Skill Level 3
63 pieces
Length: 8.4 in (213 mm)
Width: 5.1 in (130 mm)

1/72 F/A-18E Super Hornet & F/A-18C Hornet “USS Nimitz CVW-11” (2 kits) Limited Edition
Set to strike. The US Navy’s “Blue Diamonds” and the US Marines’ “Death Rattlers” deploy from the USS Nimitz CVW-11, America’s oldest aircraft carrier. Each squadron counts on fleets of F/A-18C Hornets and F/A-18 Super Hornets to carry out their most important support and combat missions. This limited edition kit combo features two kits, emblems for VFA-146 and VMFA-323 and two marking options.
Decal Options:
F/A-18E: USS Nimitz VFA-146 “Blue Diamonds” CAG, Code: NH300, 2017
F/A-18C: USS Nimitz VMFA-323 “Death Rattlers” CO, Code: NH401, 2017
Skill Level 3
118 / 82 pieces
Length: (F/A-18E) 10 in (255 mm); (F/A-18C) 9.3 in (237 mm)
Width: (F/A-18E) 7.2 in (184 mm); (F/A-18C) 6.4 in (162 mm)

1/24 Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B with Girl Figure Limited Edition
Rotary powered and ready to rumble. Designed to be a sleek, space-age, and sexy, the Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B was powered by a 128 horsepower engine, could power to over 120 mph, and covered a quarter mile in under twenty seconds. Despite the cool features, only slightly over 800 of the type were made and, adding to its current mystique, less than a dozen were sold in the US. That makes this a truly one of a kind car! This limited edition kit features detailed parts for the car and a figure of a very interested girl for a cool diorama touch.
Skill Level 3
94 / 4 pieces
Length: 6.8 in (172 mm)
Width: 2.7 in (68 mm)

1/72 EA-18G Growler USS Nimitz CV-11 CAG Limited Edition
Quite the bite. Unlike many fighters, the Growler’s primary role is to keep other craft alive by jamming the systems of enemy fighters and missiles. That’s not to say that the Growler doesn’t have a bite, though. Under-wing hard points can carry missiles for dogfighting. Introduced in 2009, the EA-18G received its first combat test in the skies over Libya during Operation Odyssey Dawn, supporting the UN no-fly zone. This limited edition kit features decals for VAQ-142 “Grey Wolves” aboard USS Nimitz.
Decal Option: US Navy USS Nimitz VAQ-142 “Gray Wolves” CAG Code: NH500 2017
Skill Level 3
177 pieces
Length: 510 in (255 mm)
Width: 7.5 in (191 mm)

1/35 Hitachi Vibratory Combined Roller ZC50C-5
Get rolling! It’s time to take on the pavement! The massive, advanced ZC50C-5 is one of the best rollers in the world. Made by the legendary Hitachi Company, and laying pavement all over the world. This model is perfect for building cool dioramas, display, or gifting to a friend who’s a fan of infrastructure improvements! Kit features operator figure in a sitting pose, detailed parts, and full decals.
Skill Level 3
93 pieces
Length: 3.6 in (92 mm)
Width: 1.6 in (40 mm)

1/48 OH-6D “Winter Camouflage” Limited Edition
Clad in cool camo. The OH-6D is Japan’s license-built version of the Hughes Model 500D observation heli. Over the years, multiple civilian and military units, including the JGSDF’s Eastern Army Aviation Group, have flown it. Camp Tachikawa is one of Japan’s remaining bases to boast a fleet of OH-6D helis, with 106 in tow. However, they’re slowly being replaced by the OH-1. This limited edition kit features resin antenna parts and one marking option.
Decal Option: JGSDF Eastern Army Aviation Group (EAH), Code: JG-1286 (EH31286), Camp Tachikawa, March 2017
Skill Level 3
50 pieces
Length: 6.2 in (157 mm)
Width: 6.6 in (167 mm)

1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 Barkhorn w/ Figure Limited Edition
301 victories. Gerhard Barkhorn was a master of the sky. In WWII, he managed to shoot down over three hundred enemy aircraft-almost all of them on the Eastern Front. The Soviets put a price on his head, but, though they came close, they could never collect. He went through a succession of aircraft, including the powerful Fw 190, being shot down nine times, injured three times, and even having to bail out. Nevertheless, he made it through the war and served with West German air units afterwards. This limited edition kit features a Barkhorn figure and decals for his aircraft in February, 1945.
Decal Option: Luftwaffe Stab/JG6 Major Gerhard Barkhorn February, 1945
Skill Level 3
115 pieces
Length: 12.7 in (322 mm)
Width: 12.9 in (328 mm)

1/700 Japanese Navy Destroyer Minegumo
One of ten. Minegumo was one of ten Asashio-Class destroyers, exceptionally large destroyers deployed by the Japanese Navy that wielded the incredible “Long Lance” torpedo. The ships were exceptionally well built, armed with six 12.7cm guns and a host of AA armaments, and they all had the rotten luck to be deployed in WWII. Every single Asashio-Class destroyer was sunk during the war. Minegumo went down in Blackett Strait in 1943 after a short and intensely lopsided battle against an entire US Task Force. Kit features decals for IJN 9th Squadron, 1943.
Decal Option: IJN 9th Destroyer Sq. February, 1943
Skill Level 3
90 pieces
Length: 6.7 in (169 mm)
Width: 0.6 in (15 mm)

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