Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques

The name Mig Jimenez has always been synonymous with innovation in military modeling techniques and the creation of books, magazines, and articles of great originality. It has been many years since his last major publication and today they are outdated for the standards that every modeler needs. In fact, many of you have evolved and learned many techniques and now you need to explore new ideas and do different things to make your models the highlight of any contest or publication. Today it is not enough to provide a book of frequently asked questions that are basically an ABC of modeling. You need to know how to be the best, how to distinguish your work from that of other modelers or how to start from a basic kit and turn it into a unique and spectacular model.

This is the reason we present you the Encyclopedia of Armour Modeling Techniques by Mig Jimenez. Throughout more than 750 pages, you will have in your hands all the knowledge necessary to work with any military vehicle, from assembly and modeling construction, detailing, the first steps of base painting and primers, performing complex camouflages, and of course all processes of advanced painting to give your models life and realism like never before. All styles, all techniques, new tricks and complex theoretical methods to help you understand modeling with an updated and new vision. Without a doubt, the most complex and comprehensive military modeling project that once again, will help thousands of modelers advance far beyond their own expectations.

With over 4500 high quality images and detailed step by step descriptions of each step of the process, this is the ultimate modeling publication that must be present on the work bench of any modeller. Subscribe now and receive great discounts and an exclusive final book available to subscribers only. In addition, you’ll will receive the first volume signed by Mig Jimenez.

¡This is the moment for your models to advance, do not miss out!

Through more than 750 pages and 4,500 high quality and full color photos, modelers can learn everything needed to make tanks, from the simplest processes for the new modeler to advanced techniques for the advanced modeler.

The processes explained in this encyclopedia are composed of highly informative texts and numerous pictures explaining in great detail every step. This encyclopedia is the ultimate tool that should be on the table of every armour fighting vehicle modeling fan. The amount and great detail of detailed processes makes this work so extensive that is has been divided into 5 volumes to make it more manageable on any desk.

This encyclopedia consists of 5 volumes:

  • Volume 1: Construction. (124 pages, € 25, estimated date of delivery January 2016)
  • Volume 2: Interiors and Base Color (160 pages, € 31, Coming Soon)
  • Volume 3: Camouflage (160 pages, € 31, Coming Soon)
  • Volume 4: Weathering (160 pages, € 31, Coming Soon)
  • Volume 5: Final Touches (160 pages, € 31, Coming Soon)

Special Subscription NEW Release Offer:

Total Price of full encyclopedia: 149 €

Subscription Offer: 124 € (you save 25 €) + Special 48 pages Volume 6 FREE

Get your subscription before December 31st. and get first volume CONSTRUCTION signed by Mig Jimenez.

Note: if you purchase this product you subscribe to this 5 full encyclopedia. You will receive Volume 1 now and the following 4 volumes as they are released (a new volume every 3-4 months approximately). Shipping costs will be displayed during the checkout process and they include all the necessary costs for every delivery. Please note that shipping costs reflects 5 individual shipments. Volume 1 Estimated Release date: January 2016

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