Hasegawa Dec 2016 Releases

Hasegawa have released their Dec release list. Special Edition and Limited Edition kits are in high demand by collectors and tend to sell out fast. So if you see one you like, do yourself a favour, see your favourite dealer — and pre-order.


hsgs8245main-lg1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Type 52 Super Ace Limited Edition
“I want to fly again”. Tetsuzō Iwamoto was a great and tragic figure of Japanese history. He was a fighter ace, frequently credited with 80+ victories in WWII plus more against China. This made him one of if not the highest-ranked Japanese pilots in terms of air kills. His skill with and mastery of the vaunted Zero was recognized from his very first mission and he fought in numerous major battles. Incredibly, he survived the war. Unfortunately, peace is sometimes more brutal than war. Iwamoto died at 38 from septicemia after surgeons removed four of his ribs without anesthetic. His last words were “I want to fly again”. Kit features new parts and decals for two Iwamoto aircraft.

Decal Options:
IJN 253rd N.F.G. W.O. Tetsuzō Iwamoto Code: 53-102 Jan.- Feb., 1944
IJN 253rd N.F.G. W.O. Tetsuzō Iwamoto Code: 53-104 Feb., 1944
137 pieces

Length: 11.2 in (285 mm)
Width: 13.5 in (344 mm)

hsgs7446main-lg1/48 Junkers Ju 88A-5 “Eastern Front” Limited Edition
Operation Barbarossa begins. Kampfgeschwader 77 (KG 77) was one of three Luftwaffe units assigned to initiate Operation Barbarossa in the Eastern Front. Flying Junkers Ju 88s, the bomber wing made its mark on the Soviets’ formidable fighting forces. With less than 60 Ju 88s, KG 77 took down 112 Soviet planes and destroyed several USSR supply lines and tank divisions.

Decal Options:
Luftwaffe 7./KG 77, Code: 3Z + AR, Russia, Summer 1941
Luftwaffe Stab I./KG 77, Code: 3Z + AB, Russia, Summer 1941
250 pieces
Length: 11.8 in (300 mm)
Width: 16.5 in (418 mm)

hsgs4745main-lg1/20 20 MechatroWeGo No.3 “Retro” Limited Edition
Rockin’ the retro. Direct from Japan’s Chubu Mechatronics, MechatroWeGo mechatrobots are taking the world by storm! These pint-size transports are perfect for carrying kids to school, soccer practice and everywhere else in between. Mechatrobots have made carpooling obsolete, leaving parents with more time to take care of everyday errands. The only thing missing from mechatrobots? An alarm that gets the kids home in time for dinner! This limited edition kit features a retro color scheme inspired by classic TV game shows.
133 pieces
Length: 5.2 in (131 mm)
Width: 4.1 in (105 mm)

hsgs5252main-lg1/24 VW Type 2 Delivery Van Egg Girl Winter Paint Limited Edition
Wouldn’t you like to build a snowman? The sultry ladies of Hasegawa’s Egg Plane line are back, and this time things are getting steamy. With these ladies, you won’t mind that the nights are getting longer. Build this classic VW van and you’ll have something to keep you warm all winter long. Put a spring-a hot spring, in fact-in your step with this exclusive line from the finest name in models, Hasegawa. Kit features a special decal for Egg Plane Girls Winter.

70 pieces
Length: 7.1 in (180 mm)
Width: 2.8 in (72 mm)

hsgs4110main-lg1/20 Maschinen Krieger 44 Type MK44 Hammerknight Limited Edition
Laying the hammer down. In the dark, futuristic world of Maschinen Krieger, most of Earth’s population was burned to ash by World War IV. As life returns, war erupts. The power-suited soldiers of the IMA struggle against the roving robots of the SDR. Innovation and adaptation is the key to the IMA’s victory. Technology and numbers are the keys to the SDR’s domination. This limited edition kit features a suit with a URB launcher for heavy anti-armor capability.

Decal Option: MK44 Ausf.B “Clubs-8”
199 pieces
Length: 5.1 in (129 mm)
Width: 3 in (75 mm)

hsgs4744main-lg1/48 Area-88 F-14A Tomcat “Mickey Simon” Limited Edition
Master of mercenary missions. Kaoru Shintani’s action-packed manga, Area-88, debuted in 1979. It was an instant hit, exciting readers with the exploits of Shin Kazama, a mercenary fighter pilot stationed at a top-secret air base called Area-88. One of Shin’s friends is American Mickey Simon, the base’s “number two” pilot, who flies an F-14 Tomcat throughout much of the series. This limited edition kit features one marking option inspired by the popular Japanese anime and manga “Area-88”.

Decal Option: Kingdom of Arslan Air Force, Area-88, Pilot: Mickey Simon
294 pieces
Length: 15.8 in (401 mm)
Width: 16 in (406 mm)

hsgs1575main-lg1/72 Kawanishi H8K2 Type 2 Flying Boat

The exceptional IJN “Emily”. Nicknamed “Emily” by the Allies, the Kawanishi H8K2 was first developed in June of 1943. The H8K2 boasted many advantages over the H8K1, most notably Mitsubishi® MK4Q engines and an upgraded tail gun turret. Later versions lacked side gun blisters; these featured Air-to-Surface-Vessel search radar. These improvements helped make the H8K2 a favorite with pilots in the IJN. Its heavy bomb load, long range, and radar made it an effective anti-sub and patrol aircraft. Only four survived the war.

Decal Option: IJN Takuma N.F.G. Code: T-31
283 pieces

hsgs3170main-lg1/700 Japanese Navy Battleship Mikasa (Full Hull) Limited Edition
Icon of an era. Few ships afloat are as storied as the legendary Mikasa. This pre-dreadnought battleship lead the devastating rout of the Russian fleet by the Japanese in the Battle of Tsushima. This clash shocked the whole world and revealed Japan as the dominant naval force in the Pacific. Such is the reverence for this vessel in naval circles that it is still on display over 100 years after it was commissioned. It is the last pre-dreadnought battleship in the world and you can own it! Kit features two sets of decals, new hull, rudder, screw, metal gun barrels, nameplate, and photo-etched parts.

Decal Options:
IJN Combined Fleet Flagship – The battle of the Yellow Sea Aug., 10, 1904
IJN Combined Fleet Flagship – The Battle of the Japan Sea May 27-28, 1905

216 pieces
Length: 7.2 in (184 mm)
Width: 1.8 in (45 mm)

hsgs0218main-lg1/72 Mitsubishi G3M3 Type 96 Attack Bomber Nell Limited Edition
Japan’s do-all dragon. In accordance with the expansionist policies of Imperial Japan, the G3M was designed for maximum range and speed. It was intended to project Japanese power from bases in Japan to the Asian mainland and out into the Pacific. Maxing out the range and speed of the “Nell”, however, entailed not including protective armor or self-sealing fuel tanks. This lack of protection led to the G3M and the subsequent G4M being excessively vulnerable to damage. This limited edition kit features decals for Kanoya flying group.

Decal Option: IJN Kanoya Naval Flying Group Code: Kaya – 455 1944
122 pieces
Length: 9 in (228.5 mm)
Width: 13.6 in (347 mm)

hsgs1122main-lg1/24 Suzuki Jimny (JA11-5)
Not a cricket. In its extremely wide variety of models, the Suzuki Jimny has been offroading since the 1970s. Originally equipped with extremely small engines, the power of the type has grown considerably while the bodies have stayed similar. By the JA11 version, the Jimny had matured into a full-fledged off-roader with a robust engine, quality construction, and a body style that hearkened back to the originals while conveying modern appeal. Kit features all new tooling.

Decal Option:Type JA11-5 1995
133 pieces

hsgs0040main-lg1/700 German Sub U-Boat ACES Part 2 (4 kits) Limited Edition
The wolf pack is back. British Warships ruled the waves during WWII, but beneath the waves Germans waited. If Germany was to win the war, its U-Boats needed to strangle the flow of supplies into Britain, crush convoys on the way to Russia, and prevent American troopships from getting into theater. For these goals, Germany built the most advanced submarines the world had ever seen, stocked them with the best torpedoes, communicated with them using the custom-designed Enigma system, and supplied and repaired them in mammoth U-Boat pens on the French coast. Kit features four U-Boat models with full decals.

Decal Options:
German Navy U-203 Kapitänleutnant Rolf Mützelburg
German Navy U-404 Kapitänleutnant Otto von Búlow
Type IXC
German Navy U-505 Kapitänleutnant Axel-Olaf Loewe
German Navy U-515 Kapitänleutnant Werner Henke

17 per kit pieces
Length: 3.8/4.3 in (96/110 mm)
Width: 0.35/0.4 in (9/10 mm)

hsgs0217main-lg1/72 SR-71 Blackbird “Bododian Express” Limited Edition
Above and Beyond the Ordinary. A full forty years after it was set, the SR-71’s 2,193 mph speed record still stands as the single fastest flight for a manned, air-breathing aircraft. In secret Cold War missions over the Soviet Union, the SR-71 evaded pursuit and missiles with intense acceleration. Pressure-suited crews took these miraculous, titanium-skinned aircraft to 80,000 feet and cruised at Mach 3.2. They snapped pictures of targets with high-powered cameras and scanned with radar. No hostile action ever brought down an SR-71, but peace and satellites grounded them forever in 1998. Now you can build your own 50th anniversary Blackbird with this fan-favorite Hasegawa kit! Kit features new markings.

Decal Option: USAF 9SRW Det.4 17964: “Bododian Express” Mildenhall A.B. England 1981
43 pieces
Length: 18.6 in (472 mm)
Width: 9.3 in (236 mm)


hsgs0030main-lg1/350 IJN Aircraft Carrier Junyo

“Peregrine Falcon” Even by the standards of Japanese warships in WWII, Jun’yō had a tough career. She was originally built as a passenger liner, but was completed as an aircraft carrier. Throughout the war, she fought in the Aleutian Islands campaign, Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and more. Along the way, she was frequently bombed and torpedoed, had her air wing removed, suffered the loss of nearly the entire air complement in combat, and was finally hulked when her battle damage was too great for repair. Kit features decals for Jun’yō as the flagship at the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

Decal Option: IJN, 3rd fleet, 2nd carrier squadron, Flagship June 1944 Battle of the Philippine Sea
688 pieces
Length: 24.7 in (628 mm)
Width: 6.7 in (169 mm)


hsgs0285main-lg1/24 Honda® N360 (NI) Limited Edition

All-purpose auto. Conceptually similar to the Volkswagen® Beetle, the Honda N360 was a small, light passenger vehicle developed in Japan during the late sixties. It was powered by an air-cooled inline 2-cylinder engine small enough that the spare tire could fit in the hood space next to the engine block. In essence, the purpose of this rather boxy vehicle was to provide an affordable automobile for Japan’s rapidly re-industrializing economy. Kit features new bonnet, wheel, and dashboard parts, plus three marking options.

Decal Options:
Type I
Type IM
Type IS
112 pieces
Length: 4.9 in (124 mm)
Width: 2.1 in (54 mm)

hsgs1717main-lg1/12 Scale Honda® NSR500 1989 All Japan GP500 Limited Edition

Leave the competition breathing tire smoke. The fiercely contested GP500 has frequently centered around the Honda NSR500. These superior cycles won ten total 500cc world championships including six in a row from 1994 to 1999. The cycle was so superior, even folks well down the pole were trying to ride it to victory. Hikaru Miyagi raced for team Ajinomoto in the 1989 World GP500 and All-Japan GP500. This limited edition kit features new disk brake and exhaust pipe parts plus two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
AJINOMOTO Honda Racing Team 1989 All Japan GP500 Car No.3 Rider: Hikaru Miyagi
AJINOMOTO Honda Racing Team 1989 WGP500 Grand Prix of Japan Car No.41 Rider: Hikaru Miyagi
183 pieces
Length: 6.6 in (167 mm)
Width: 2.1 in (53 mm)

hsgs4742main-lg1/48 “Shidenkai no Maki” Mitsubishi® J2M3 Raiden (Jack) Type 21

Unleash the lightning! Designed by Jiro Horikoshi, the Mitsubishi J2M could fly faster – and climb even higher – than the celebrated A6M Zero. The J2M3 Type 21 was distinguished by a powerful MK4R-A Kasei 23a engine, two wing-mounted 20 mm Type 99 Model I cannons and two wing-mounted 20 mm Type 99 Model II cannons. All that firepower makes it perfect for Mikaze Nakayoshi from “Shidenkai no Maki”. This limited edition kit features metal gun barrel parts plus decals for pilot student Mikaze Nakayoshi’s aircraft in “Shidenkai no Maki”.

Decal Option: Pilot Student: Mikaze Nakayoshi
82 pieces
Length: 8 in (202 mm)
Width: 8.9 in (225 mm)

hsgs5248main-lg1/48 Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Set (3 kits) Limited Edition

Day of infamy. On December 7th, 1941, Japanese fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers devastated the US fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbor. Militarily, it was a resounding success. Most of America’s battleship force was either burning or on the bottom and the Japanese strike force was barely bloodied. On December 8th, Roosevelt gave his speech and asked for a declaration of war. An entire nation woke up on the 9th and went to war by the millions. Now, 75 years since the day, Hasegawa brings you a three kit set of aircraft from the IJN Carrier Akagi.

Decal Options:
Type 97: IJN Carrier Akagi Code: AI-308 Dec. 8, 1941
Type 99: IJN Carrier Akagi Code: AI-203 Dec. 8, 1941
Zero Fighter: IJN Carrier Akagi Code: AI-102 Dec. 8, 1941
69 / 119 / 109 pieces
Length: (Zero) 7.4 in (187 mm); (Type 99) 8.4 in (213mm); (Type 97) 8.5 in (215mm)
Width: (Zero) 9.8 in (250mm); (Type 99) 11.8 in (299mm); (Type 99) 12.7 in (323mm)

hsgs5249main-lgPrimary, Secondary, and Soarer Gliders Set (3 kits)

Sixties flashbacks from Hasegawa! Originally released in the early sixties, these three gliders are what put Hasegawa models on the map and now they’re back! Each comes in the vintage-style original box art package. Celebrate over fifty years of Hasegawa models in one fun set.

Width: (Primary) 7.9 in (200 mm); (Secondary) 8.1 in (205 mm); (Soarer) 14.3 in (364 mm)

hsgs5250main-lgEggplane F-22® Raptor “Ace Combat Mobius 1” Limited Edition

Bring Ace Combat to life! The F-22 Raptor looks impressive, but its capabilities are even more striking. For starters, dual Pratt & Whitney® F119-PW-100 turbofan engines with afterburners help it reach estimated speeds of Mach 1.82 in super-cruise mode. With afterburners, speeds can exceed Mach 2. Avionics include AN/APG-77 radar, which can track multiple targets in any flight condition, as well as the AN/ALR-94 passive receiver system, which uses over 30 wing- and fuselage-mounted internal antennas to provide unsurpassed radar detection coverage. Kit features decals from “Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies”.

Decal Option: Independent States Allied Force, 118th Tactical Fighter Wing Squadron, “Mobius 1”
19 pieces
Length: 4 in (101 mm)
Width: 3.7 in (94 mm)

hsgs5251main-lgEggplane Su-33 Flanker-D “Ace Combat Yellow 13” Limited Edition

Join squadron Aquila. The Sukhoi Su-33 is a direct descendant of the Su-27, made carrier-capable for use as a naval fleet defense interceptor. Another key distinction between the Su-27 and Su-33 is that the Su-33 can refuel while in flight. Instead of using a catapult to take off, the Su-33 is launched via ski jump for improved climb angles. This limited edition kit features decals for Erusea Air Force, 156th Tactical Fighter Wing, Squadron “Aquila”, Yellow 13 from the downloadable content of “Ace Combat Assault Horizon”.

Decal Option: Erusea Air Force, 156th Tactical Fighter Wing, Squadron “Aquila”, “Yellow 13”
36 pieces
Length: 3.8 in (97 mm)
Width: 3.7 in (94 mm

hsgs7162main-lg1/350 Japanese Navy Carrier-Based Aircraft Set

Hunters on the wing. Japanese carrier aircraft were some of the most advanced planes in the world at the outset of WWII. The Zero was incredibly manoeuvrable and fast, its dive bombers were crewed by experienced pilots, and its torpedo bombers were equipped with weapons that, unlike American ones, consistently worked. In a war that came to be dominated by air power, Japan started out with the edge in naval aviation. Kit features three Type 52 Zeros, three type 21 Zeros, three “Jill” torpedo bombers, and three “Judy” bombers.

123 pieces

hsgs7166main-lgWooden Deck for 1/350 Carrier Junyo

Detail your deck! Both Japanese and US aircraft carriers frequently used wood for the flight decks of their aircraft carriers—Jun’yō was no exception. No model of Jun’yō is complete without this beautiful and accurate addition! Made from real wood and backed with adhesive for easy application and incredible aesthetics.


hsgs7445main-lg1/48 WAH-64D Apache “British Army Air Corps” Limited Edition

Exported excellence. Although the U.S. Army is considered the main operator of the AH-64 Apache, this highly advanced attack heli has been exported to countless countries over the years. Some of the most notable operators around the world include the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Greece and Singapore. Britain’s Army Air Corps received its first WAH-64Ds in 2004, and currently has 50 in service. This limited edition kit features new antenna, sensor bulge and rocket pod parts, photo-etched parts and one marking option.

Decal Option: British Army Corps Code: ZJ186

284 pieces
Length: 14.4 in (367 mm)
Width: 12 in (305 mm)

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