CMK July Releases

  • Blenheim Mk.IF – Correction set (ventral gun pack) for Airfix kit. This detailed resin set brings modellers accurately shaped ventral gun pack carrying four machine guns. The gun barrels have been 3D computer designed and ooze with detail.
  • Blenheim Mk.II “Finnish AF licence-built” – Finnish bomb bay doors for Airfix kit. The Blenheim Mk.II was also licence-built in Finland and these aircraft benefited from enlarged bomb bay doors enabling them to carry bombs of US or Swedish origin which were larger than the British ones.
    The set provides the modeller with a replacement part portraying the closed bomb bay doors intended to replace directly the Airfix kit part, and also a unique Finnish type of wing leading edge landing lights.
  • French pilot and two mechanics for Special Hobby Mirage F.1C model
    This set with a pilot and two ground crew members has been prepared specially for the new Mirage F.1 model
  • Canberra PR.Mk.9 – Interior set 1/72 for Airfix kit
    Contains detailed cockpit and color photo-etched parts for British post war aircraft
  • Blenheim Mk.II “Finnish AF 2. serie” – Conversion set for Airfix kit
    The Blenheim Mk.II built under licence in Finland flew with wide-door bomb bay. That enabled them to carry bombs of either American or Swedish origin, these being much larger than the original British ones. The highly detailed resin bomb bay part has been tailored to embelish the new Airfix kit. The set offers the modeller also the bomb racks, bomb bay doors in an open position and clear resin landing lights of the type used on Finnish Blenheims.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

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