AMMO Mud Tried and Tested

From AMMO’s website:
Until now, many other brands have created products to imitate mud, based in acrylic resins, they create unrealistic uniform textures. Most are based on repackaged fine arts products and sold to modelers at a very high price.
AMMO has created the definitive mud product for modelling, with a unique and very different formula that provides a truly natural and realistic texture, accurately depicting real mud. In addition, this new mud product can be mixed with a variety of natural materials, such as branches, earth, or stones, to create amazing effects.
This mud product offers ultra-realistic colors, with authentic sheen and tonal aspects. And if this was not enough, the price is also real and not out of scale, as it offers more product at a lower cost. Compare with antiquated and expensive methods and you will be amazed!


The best thing I can say is to watch the video and see me experiment with the 6 types of mud and generally make a mess.

The products are acrylic-based, non-toxic and pretty safe to use. As I was using them there was only a very faint odour and I was putting down some pretty thick layers. Outside the room I was using it nothing could be smelled at all and even inside the room it was very faint.

Being as the products are acrylic it’s easy to mix them with any acrylic paint to get any colour mud you desire. As you hopefully saw in the video I was playing with adding a light rust colour to 1 of them to get something close to a Martian colour. You can of course mix anything you want into the mud such as stones and gravel to give you any kind of effect you want.

I discovered the jar can benefit from a quick shake before you open the lid and the mud itself is the consistency of a thick liquid and if you rub it between your fingers you can feel tiny grit particles.

As the mud dries the colours do change very slightly and they dry a little lighter than when they’re wet. Watch the video to see the wet and dry colour comparisons. They take 24-hour is to dry completely. After about two hours the mud is starting to set and forms a skin initially. If you wait another hour or so you can then start to put indentations in the surface. When dry the “muddy ground” and “dark mud ground” have a glossy finish to them while the others are matt although the “turned earth ground does appear to be very slightly glossy.

Overall this range of 6 different colours of mud allow you a range of options when adding mud to your diorama. The products are safe and easy to use and don’t change colour much when dry so you know what you’re going to end up with when you’re putting things down.  You can do all your clean up with water.

Many thanks to Ammo for sending along the review samples.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

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