This is the first decals I’ve seen from Michal at AMDG, and I must say I’m quite impressed, let me tell you why.

The decals are in the usual sealed plastic bag. Inside the bag are:

  • Double sided instruction sheet
  • Cover sheet with information on how the instruction sheet works and how to best apply decals.
  • The decal sheet itself.

The cover sheet is about half a sheet of A4/Letter size glossy paper and well designed. As you can see from the images it’s not just a simple piece of paper with some printing on it. There’s an image of each of the 4 P-51s on one side and some in depth instructions on how to get the best out of your decals when it comes to applying them. Also on this sheet are explanatory images showing how the instruction sheet works.

The instruction sheet is full A4/Letter size, double sided and printed on glossy paper again. A lot of art work has gone into this sheet, in fact if it was poster size it would look pretty good on a wall. Each aircraft is described fully in both images and in text. I’ve not seen such good background descriptions in a decal sheet before. There are detailed instructions on the markings on each aircraft and also it’s service history and that of the usual pilot. You’re given the location and dimensions of any invasion stripes and also the locations of some items that were painted and then over sprayed, causing a slight change in the tone of the surface colour. The recommended kit is given, Tamiya for these 4 aircraft and also a good reference book for each particular aircraft is also noted. Where appropriate, you’re also given some notes to help you build the specific aircraft, such as #3 had no exhaust shrouds fitted.

Finally on to the decal sheet itself. It covers 4 aircraft:

  1. P-51B “KILLER” 43-12152 of 355FS / 354FG based in Lashenden UK, May 1944 – pilot: Capt. Robert W. Stephens;
  2. P-51B “HURRY HOME HONEY” 43-6935 of 364 FS / 357FG based in Leiston UK, June 1944 – pilot: Capt. Richard Peterson;
  3. P-51B “HOT PANTS” 43-6461 of 370FS / 359FG based in East Wretham UK, August 1944 – pilot: Lt. Wilson K. Baker;
  4. P-51D “HARRY IV” 44-64148 of 504FS / 339FG based in Fowlmere UK, April 1945 – pilot: Col. William C. Clark.

The decals themselves have very little carrier film showing, the white decals look nice and opaque. Where there might be opacity issues they have supplied two other decals to replace the one, for example the ‘Hot Pants’ decal is in white and red, but you’re also give a white and a red ‘Hot Pants’ decal in case you have transparency issues with the white. In other places where opacity will definitely be an issue they supply 2 decals to rectify any problems. Overall it is a very comprehensive decal sheet that has solutions in place for any issues you might have.

This decal sheet is very highly recommended. It’s not often I get to say ‘the decal sheet instructions are an interesting read’! The instructions are top rate and the decals themselves look good and are designed to take no chances with you getting a poor result.

Many thanks to Michal at AMDG Decals for the review sample. If you go to the links page on his website you will see the distributors. If you’re interested in being a distributor, Mike would be interested in hearing from you.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International – 

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