This week we’re looking at the latest release from AMDG decals. It’s also apt that 2 of the 4 options are for aircraft with D-Day stripes, on this, the 71st anniversary of D-Day.

The format is similar to the earlier sheets, but contains a second decal sheet and extra information sheet. The decals are enclosed in a sealed bag and inside we have:

  • Double sided instruction sheet
  • Cover sheet with information on how the instruction sheet works and how to best apply decals.
  • Two decal sheets.
  • Aircraft information sheet

This decal sheet covers 4 P-47Ds, 3 bubble tops and 1 razorback.

  • P-47D Skarkmouth-ed  ??-78973 of 525th FS / 86th FG based in Grossetto Italy, October 1944 – pilot: Lt. Riley “Mo” Stewart;
  • P-47D “MAGGIE – V” 42-26455 of 350th FS / 353rd FG based in Raydon UK, June 1944 – pilot: Lt. Kenneth “Choo Choo” Chetwood;
  • P-47D peeing cupid noseart 42-26534 of 361st FS / 356th FG based in Martelsham UK, August 1944 – pilot: Lt. James H. Thorne;
  • P-47D “UNCLE TOM’S CABIN” 44-20118 of 65th FS / 57th FG based in Grossetto Italy, March 1945 – pilot: Lt. Thomas E. Bowers.

The cover sheet is about half a sheet of A4/Letter size glossy paper and well designed. As you can see from the images it’s not just a simple piece of paper with some printing on it. There’s an image of each of the aircraft on one side and some in depth instructions on how to get the best out of your decals when it comes to applying them. Also on this sheet are explanatory images showing how the instruction sheet works.

The instruction sheet is a double sided, glossy paper, full colour sheet. As before, the instruction sheet covers the background and idiosyncrasies of each particular aircraft and is an interesting read in itself. The text covering each aircraft goes into detail about the markings on the aircraft and areas that were replaced but not painted, tyre teads and propeller types etc. There’s also background information on the ultimate fates of the aircraft and the pilots too. The instructions also give you a suggested order for applying the decals. The Tamiya 1/48 P-47D family of kits is the recommended kit for these decals. Overall the instruction sheet is exceptional and as good, if not better, as anything you will find out there.

In this set there is also a simple double sided half sheet of paper with more information about each aircraft. Obviously it wouldn’t all fit on the main instruction sheet, so AMDG decided to add it using a simple info sheet.

The decal sheets, a main sheet and a supplementary, have very little carrier film and the colours are bright and strong and in register. You also get 2 ways of applying several of the decals that have more than one colour. Several of them are supplied as one complete decal and also as separate coloured decals. This is the first time I’ve seen 2 decal sheets in a pack from AMDG and explains why this sheet is slightly more expensive than the earlier 4 sets. The supplementary sheet is actually the same size as the main sheet and contains the larger decals.

This decal sheet is highly recommended and gives you some interesting P-47D options.

Many thanks to Michal at AMDG Decals for the review sample. If you go to the links page on his website you will see the distributors. If you’re interested in being a distributor, Mike would be interested in hearing from you.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International –

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