AK Interactive Jan Releases

Some interesting new releases from AK Interactive, they’re getting into the metal tracks business.


Dear Friends,

AK Interactive starts 2016 with some fantastic NEW releases.

Amongst them, you will find the fifth issue of our Learning Series, “Metallics Vol.2”. This volume is focused on representing metallic finishes on historical figures, robots and spacecraft. Also available, will be the second edition of our best seller “D.A.K. Profile Guide”, which is a great visual reference for vehicles used during the period from 1941-1943, in the North African campaign.

From our paint range, we bring you four new colors for the interiors and associated details of Soviet aircraft, from the darkest Cold War period. These are included in our “Soviet Aircraft Colors 1950-1970” set, together with two Xtreme Metal colors that are suitable for the external metal finishes of these aircraft. We also extend our figure color range with paint sets for “Waffen SS Spring/Summer Camouflage”, and “D.A.K. Soldier Uniform Colors”. What’s more, we release two further color combos, in the form of “Russian WWII Standard Colors” and “Bundeswehr Desert Camouflage Colors” sets. Our Xtreme Metal range is also complemented by two new Primer and Microfiller colors (grey and white), that in addition to the current black type, all now come in a larger and more economical size bottle. From our weathering range, you will find a new and complete set of Paneliners, that will allow you to enhance the surface detail of any model aircraft paint scheme, from any era.
Finally, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand NEW range of high quality, white metal tracks that are constructed from individual links. These are now available a number of main WWII armour types; namely the Tiger I, Panther, Panzer III and IV, Sherman and T-34.

We hope you will like our new products and find them useful in your work.

Wishing you all the best for 2016 and onwards.

The AK Team

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Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

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